PJ Harvey Is Still The Greatest

I’m obviously biased in her favor, but PJ Harvey’s forthcoming “piano record,” White Chalk, is an astounding piece of music that’s as up-front and urgent as Rid Of Me, only with a bit more world-weariness/howling at the moon–and like pretty much every other album I’ve loved this year, it’s had its release date pushed back (only a week, but still). Anyway, Harvey recently performed the WC track “Grow Grow Grow” on French TV, and she swapped out the piano for an autoharp; the switch only makes the song more chilling, particularly at the end, when her voice reaches ghostly-high levels.

pj harvey – grow grow grow (live at french tv show) [YouTube, via Pitchfork]

  • The Mozfather

    Holy crap is her voice amazing! I have been steadily unimpressed with every album after To Bring You My Love, and I’m not so crazy about this song, but this was some pretty amazing singing. And she looks fabulous, too.

  • ragandboneshop

    French TV looks a lot like a spaceship.

    That was cool, especially seeing her play autoharp, organ pedals, and foot stomp all while singing in *that voice.*

  • Tauwan

    That. Was. Stunning.

  • Fly Life

    Pj harvey always makes me cry tears of joy. I love her.

  • BenRad

    I guess I’ve been waiting for another Rid of Me for the last 14 years (which is silly, because why would I want an artist to repeat him/herself), and have been continually disappointed. This will be the first PJ record I will not purchase. After downloading and listening to the leak, I have to say she’s a complete nutter. Awful stuff.

  • Californ

    Agreed BenRad! I was a fan of the 4 track demo ep…. Back in the day…