Duran Duran: Still Savvy About Getting Press

Sep 21st, 2007 // 4 Comments

Reading the headline “Duran Duran shoot X-rated video” in 2007 can only inspire one thing: A YouTube search for the now-pretty-tame clip for the band’s mini-epic “Girls On Film.” That song is still so well-crafted and catchy, especially by current standards, and now I just want to put on Decade for the rest of the afternoon (given our server problems today, that might not be such a bad idea).

Sadly, the Justin Timberlake-produced “Falling Down,” which is the song that will be getting the new racy-clip treatment (it can be found here, at least for now) isn’t so great, even if you compare it to “Skin Trade.” Instead it’s like a slightly more upbeat, yet somehow more draggy “Ordinary World,” right down to the Simon-going-into-falsetto outro. (Le Bon told the NME that song “subconsciously came from a severe motorcycle accident he had in 1992,” which might explain that odd similarity in part.) And the fact that the video was “inspired by a photo shoot in a fashion magazine that depicted models in rehab” … well, I know it’s Duran Duran and they’ve never exactly been “deep thinkers,” but come on.

Duran Duran shoot X-rated video in LA [NME]

  1. Chris Molanphy

    Well, of course this looks tame – it’s the PG-13-rated TV edit. The uncensored version, complete with full-blown toplessness and iced nipples, blew my 13-year-old mind back in the day (I rented it on Betamax) and is still too risqué for broadcast TV.

  2. Ned Raggett

    Why did I know Justin would not bring his ‘magic’ to Duran Duran. (To be fair, Astronaut was so sadly middling.)

  3. Anonymous

    Here we go again and again. Some people who complain about the new videoclip that is unavailable yet. Talking about something which could never been seen by now! How can you argue about those things!

    Everyone posting here are definitely duran duran haters. I admire the new single which will be released in november. It has not been released offcially yet.

    So wait until november and see what happens. Reach up for the sunrise became a worldwide hit including the Netherlands.

    If bands like duran duran would not be around music will die and will be consumed by stupid boy-bands and spice girls shit besides all irritating house beats.

    Real musicians are still around. Let’s support this!

  4. lucasg

    is it bad that i actually prefer the wesley willis cover of this song? i mean that completely honestly, too.

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