Dolly Parton Cares About Songwriters So You Don’t Have To

Sep 21st, 2007 // 3 Comments

dolly.jpg Third Dolly mention of the day! She was at an event yesterday in honor of Curb Records’ plan to create a Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in partnership with Belmont University, her hair customarily impressive.

“When my time comes, I hope I fall dead in the middle of the stage and I hope it’s to a song I wrote,” the 61-year-old Parton said, whose new hairstyle has her platinum hair piled high.

The occasion at Curb Records’ studios marked the announcement of a partnership between the independent label and Belmont University to house the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame inside the Curb building. The planned facility will also cater to students aspiring to music careers.

Parton, who has always called herself a songwriter first, termed it “old home week” in looking over the crowded historic Curb Records building. The building was once the hub of pioneer songwriters, musicians and performers during the years when performers really did wear overalls and boots, performed in barns and hoped for a spot on the Grand Ole Opry.

How traumatizing would it be to witness Dolly drop dead in the middle of “Cracker Jack?”

Parton sings songwriters’ praises in Nashville [Reuters]

  1. Anonymous

    This is what the Olsen twins will look like in 60 years; I’m sure of it.

  2. Peacocktails

    You mean her wigs are customarily impressive? The gen pub hasn’t seen Dolly’s real hair in years.

  3. Anonymous

    Have Dolly Parton and Courtney Love been seen in the same room lately?

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