The InfoFilter Top 10 Torrents List: Unsurprisingly, People Aren’t Interested In Paying For The James Blunt Album

Sep 24th, 2007 // 2 Comments

It’s been a while since we checked in with InfoFilter’s top music torrents chart, which tracks how many BitTerrorists are swapping files around the Internet, MediaDefender’s efforts be damned. Not only is this chart the first one I’ve seen in a week that hasn’t been topped by Kanye West, its top five had a couple of other surprises:

1. Coco – Colbie Caillat -WayNotBurger
2. Common – Finding Forever[2007] -mVs
3. Luke Bryan-Ill Stay Me-2007-JAW
4. Ledisi – Lost and Found [2007]
5. 00-swizz beatz-one man band man (clean advance)-2007-ogc
6. Kanye West – Graduation (Japan’s bonus tracks) []
7. 50 Cent is Curtis
8. Details of Kate Nash – Made Of Bricks [2007][CD+SkidVid+Cov]192Kbps
9. James Blunt – All The Lost Souls [2007][CD+SkidVid+Cov]
10. Top 40 Singles And New Releases

MySpace sensation Colbie Caillat’s popularity among filesharers shouldn’t surprise anyone, but I honestly had only the vaguest idea of who soul-gospel singer Ledisi and good-old-boy Luke Bryan were. (Ledisi’s album debuted on the Sept. 5 top 200 albums chart, selling 8,900 copies, and then dropped off; Bryan’s album had sold 44,000 copies through that week, then fell off as well.) So perhaps their success is either the result of lower-than-usual weekend traffic or unconventional viral-marketing tactics on behalf of their labels. Below the inevitable Kanye-and-Curtis entries, we have the “British” traffic, with Kate Nash, No. 1 UK album James Blunt, and a “top 40 singles” collection that includes Robyn, Mika, and the Indiana Jones fanboys Status Quo. And The Fray, which I’d like to apologize for on behalf of my homeland, even though I feel like I’ve been doing so for, oh, about a year now.

Top 50 Music Torrents – 23 Sep 2007 [InfoFilter]

  1. jb

    interesting guess but ledisi is not a “soul-gospel” singer. she was an indie soul powerhouse until Verve signed her and folk from the bay, where she has long lived, are pretty fanatical about her. she’s got jazz chops, has done quite a bit of musical theatre and is known for her incredible live shows. she’s also, notably, Larry Saunder’s daughter. gospel? not so much. she killed “Blues in the Night” on the PBS tribute to Ella. it’s worth watching: []

  2. cyruscope

    Speaking of that Status Quo album, and I’m way late on this, but not only did they rip off Indy, they ripped off a Canadian band named Bruno Gerussi’s Medallion:


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