A Gentle Reminder: Idolator’s First Anniversary Blowout Is Tonight

Sep 24th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Sept 24., 9 p.m.Hi. You may have heard that Idolator is holding its first birthday party tonight at 9 p.m. at the Knitting Factory’s Tap Bar, located at 74 Leonard St. in New York City. It is free to enter, and there will be live music from Brooklyn’s My Teenage Stride and Baltimore’s Monarch. I have prepared the oh-so-blog-esque iPod-playlist-in-lieu-of-a-DJ (in conjunction with Maura) so expect plenty of freestyle, girly late ’90s/early ’00s R&B, new jack swing, and other things that are fun to dance/drink to. (Speaking of which: your Idolators plan on getting ripped, so as Maura mentioned before, be prompt if you want to say hi for the first time while we’ll still be speaking in full, non-slurred sentences.) If you’re in the greater NYC area, you really should stop by.

  1. MTS

    Happy Birthday! I will be spending my night wildly confused by John Dewey.

  2. Weezy F Baby

    i’m going to show up in the form of lil wayne, just to keep up continuity.

  3. baconfat

    I saw Monarch in Virginia on Friday night. They were flippin’ rad, so I hope they get some love from the NYC contingent.

  4. MissParker

    Happy Birthday! Since I’m about 1500 miles south, I’ll tip a Stella Artois from the comfort of my home in honor of your achievement. Enjoy!

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