Robyn’s Album to Hit the U.S.

Sep 24th, 2007 // 5 Comments

robyn.jpgRobyn’s self-titled album is–finally!–coming out in the U.S. on Dec. 4, and yes, I am going to shell out for a second copy for the sole purposes of supporting the e-scene. [EW]

  1. Chris Molanphy

    In a way December’s good timing, as it’ll give critics at the major magazines and those of us compiling Jackin’ Pop ballots a swift ass-kick to remember “With Every Heartbeat” in our Top 10s.

  2. extracrispy

    I’ve had great things about this CD.

  3. MTS

    W-w-w-w-wait a sec — this record hasn’t been released stateside yet?

    And now I truly understand why the record industry is failing on Titanic proportions.

  4. AL

    I hope this means a U.S. Tour is in the offing as well.

  5. highlifer

    Am I the only one that thinks of Robyn Sparkles when I see that name?

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