AnywhereCD On The Express Track To Nowheresville

Sep 24th, 2007 // Comment

anywhere.gifAnywhereCD–the music service that tried to bundle together CDs and DRM-free MP3s of albums put out by Warner Music Group–will shut down when its contract with WMG expires on Sept. 30, socalTech reports. AnywhereCD’s launch was mired by the fact that it didn’t quite have the right to sell WMG’s wares as MP3s; the two companies reached a settlement that put the Sept. 30 cap on AnywhereCD’s days of distribution. The CDs that are left in AnywhereCD’s warehouse are priced to move at $7, although the money you might be saving doesn’t quite make slogging through the site’s badly designed database quite worth it unless you have a really really boring day gig.

AnywhereCD [Official site]
AnywhereCD To Shut Down [socalTech via PaidContent]

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