Desperate Blogger Resorts To Last-Ditch YouTube Search, Pop Bliss Ensues

Sep 25th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Today has been so devoid of news–at least in quantity–that I’m starting to think that my hangover from last night is actually manifesting itself as a drawn-out nightmare, one where I’m sorta sweaty, refreshing a bled-dry RSS reader, and vaguely hungry for a burger the size of my head (hold the jalapeno) but unable to procure said burger because I need to post something. So why not throw up a new-to-me clip of one of my favorite bands performing one of their best songs on Jools Holland’s BBC show, if only because I suspect it’ll bring a new round of commenters (and a few Idolator stalwarts) out of the woodwork and into the Jellyfish-praising fray? (If only some enterprising fan out there could find a way to get their performance at MTV Spring Break online, or at least in front of my eyes. Hint hint.)

Jellyfish – The Ghost at Number One (Live on Later…) [YouTube]

  1. DrWorm

    Odd. Just the other day I was looking around for Jellyfish videos and came across this. Ahhh… wonderful stuff.

  2. Otisistheone

    That was pretty fantastic. I want to thank this site for introducing me to this band, I was just a wee too young to enjoy them in their prime.

  3. Maura Johnston

    @Reidicus: That was the setup when I saw them at the Academy back in the day. (Also in the audience: John Stamos!)

  4. PopIsNotDead

    I still remember the first time I heard “Joining A Fan Club” better than I remember the first time I had sex.

  5. Reidicus

    Having never seen them live, I was surprised to see Andy Sturmer playing stand-up drums and singing. Was that the usual setup? Also, Roger Joseph Manning Jr. released a pretty-good solo album last year if you like this sorta stuff.

  6. tigerpop

    Good God, this band was amazing.

  7. blueeyeddevil

    I also was looking at this YT clip on Monday. Weird. All those guys went on to do really cool things (Beck, LEO, Paul McCartney’s band)too. Great band.

  8. Reidicus

    @blueeyeddevil: And don’t forget Manning’s Moog Cookbook. A novelty act, for sure, but one that nailed the target it set out to hit.

    @maura: Jealous!

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