Man Dies Crowd-Surfing at Smashing Pumpkins Concert

Sep 26th, 2007 // 2 Comments

Poor schlub drops dead after crowd-surfing at Canadian Smashing Pumpkins gig. Being the type of killjoy who turns into mom whenever people start “horsing around,” I worried that this would happen to someone at every show I went to in the ’90s, but somehow it never did. [Blabbermouth]

  1. Tenno

    So far in my concert experience I have both been kicked in the face by a small girl wearing matrix boots whilst she was crowd surfing and leapt and caught another girl who unfortunately was dropped in an open space, head first. That one didn’t kick me in the face accidentally though.

    What the hell is up with accident and damage prone crowd surfing tots anyways.

    Oh yeah, they’ll find this guy just transcended his body when Smashing Pumpkins ‘brought the fire yo!”

  2. Christopher R. Weingarten

    Someone did die at a Smashing Pumpkins show in the 90s from crowd-surfing, and I can’t believe none of the articles have mentioned it. The first thing I thought was “again?”

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