Demonoid Latest Target In Recording Industry’s Endless Game Of Whack-A-Mole

demonoid.jpgPopular BitTorrent tracker Demonoid has been offline for about 24 hours now, apparently because of action taken by the Canadian Recording Industry Association against the site, which is currently the second-most-popular tracker (the litigious Pirate Bay is No. 1). Demonoid’s servers are currently located in Canada, which was thought to be a “safe haven” for their operations; they moved there from the Netherlands earlier this year, after action was threatened against the site and its administrators by the Dutch antipiracy outfit BREIN. According to, the CRIA isn’t commenting on the situation.

Torrent Tracker Taken Offline [Monkey Bites]

  • so1omon

    I keep seeing this story everywhere. The mods in the official #demonoid irc room (yes, I still rock the irc) have stated that this is a hardware issue. They have repeated time and time again that Demonoid has NOT been shut down by anyone.

  • KinetiQ

    Word going around (from equitably reputable sources as a random person posting on a random forum, btw) is that demonoid hasn’t been taken down, but is down because of technical difficulties.

    [] – comments

    As far as I can tell, any involvement of the CRIA, DDoS attacks, HD crashes, or servers being eaten by space aliens, are all pure speculation. Except that alien part; I’m fairly certain that’s solid.

    Until someone gets in contact with Deimos, or the CRIA comments, my fingers are still crossed that it hasn’t been a takedown.

  • KinetiQ

    @so1omon: Boy, apparently your comment’s been here for 20 minutes before I posted. I don’t know how that happened, but in any case, nevermind.