Reba Kicks Kanye Out Of The Top Spot

Sep 26th, 2007 // 10 Comments

rebaaaaa.jpgReba McEntire’s collection of duets, the cleverly titled Reba Duets, debuted at No. 1 on this week’s SoundScan charts, selling 301,000 copies. The album, which features Reba teaming up with the likes of Justin Timberlake and Kelly Clarkson, is somehow McEntire’s first album to top the chart–guess that appearance on Oprah worked. (Countdown to labels clamoring for Oprah Winfrey to start a record club starts now.)

Biggest Debuts: This week’s top 20 had 11 debuts including McEntire’s; new albums from Barry Manilow (No. 4), James Blunt (No. 7), Chamillionaire (No. 8), KT Tunstall (No. 9), Twista (No. 10), Eddie Vedder (No. 11), H.I.M. (No. 12), Motion City Soundtrack (No. 16), Diana Krall (No. 19), and Dropkick Murphys (No. 20) all bowed in the chart’s upper echelons. (Sales figures below.)

Meanwhile, the album by Paul Potts–the opera singer who won Britain’s Got Talent and made Rick Rubin weep–entered the chart at No. 30, selling 22,000 copies. Also notable, if only because it’ll probably irritate Kate: New Found Glory’s Songs That We First Heard On Movie Soundtracks That We Kind Of Like sold 15,000 copies and debuted at No. 42.

Notable Jumps: The Across The Universe soundtrack, saw its sales increase twofold: the deluxe edition had a 99% sales increase (24,000 copies), jumping from No. 49 to No. 24, while the regular edition had a 312% jump and leapt from No. 179 to No. 43, selling 15,000 copies. (The 39,000 total copies would have put the album at No. 12 for the week.) And Feist’s The Reminder continued its Apple-buoyed chart rise, selling 19,000 copies (a 35% uptick from last week) and floating (tastefully) up to No. 35.

Dropping Off: Last week’s top debuts unsurprisingly saw big dips: Graduation took a 76% hit and fell to No. 2; Curtis dropped 79% and fell to No. 3; and Kenny Chesney’s album fell off 71% and dropped to No. 5.

Nickelback Award For Inexplicable Durability: It took a hit on the chart this week thanks to all the debuts gumming up the works, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t note that Nickelback’s All The Right Reasons is probably going to break the six million copies sold mark within the next week or so. (It’s at 5.962 million copies sold now.) And I’m kind of liking that “Rock Star” song a little more every time I hear it.

The top 20, with estimated sales totals in parentheses:
1. Reba McEntire, Reba Duets (301,000)
2. Kanye West, Graduation (226,000)
3. 50 Cent, Curtis (143,000)
4. Barry Manilow, Greatest Songs Of The ’70s (113,000)
5. Kenny Chesney, Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates (112,000)
6. High School Musical 2 soundtrack (99,000)
7. James Blunt, All The Lost Souls (92,000)
8. Chamillionaire, Ultimate Victory (79,000)
9. KT Tunstall, Drastic Fantastic (50,000)
10. Twista, Adrenaline Rush 2007 (41,000)
11. Eddie Vedder, Music for the Motion Picture Into the Wild (39,000)
12. H.I.M., Venus Doom (38,000)
13. Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus (37,000)
14. Fergie, The Dutchess (35,000)
15. Nickelback, All The Right Reasons (34,000)
16. Motion City Soundtrack, Even If It Kills Me (33,000)
17. Colbie Caillat, Coco (33,000)
18. Justin Timberlake, FutureSex/LoveSounds (32,000)
19. Diana Krall, The Very Best Of (30,000)
20. Dropkick Murphys, The Meanest Of Times (28,000)

  1. Rob Murphy

    I know people can do the math in their own heads, but I feel compelled to note two things about this week’s numbers. Even though the drop-offs for last week’s big three [Kanye, 50, Chesney] look “steep”, the percentages [71-79%] are relative to a MUCH bigger baseline than has been typical this year.

    Also, my jaw hit the ground when I saw that all three of those records sold another 112K+ this week. And in how many weeks this year would Kanye’s 2d week total of 226K have landed him in the top spot?

    Truly astounding.

  2. dollywould

    I would so go to a dinner party with only the top 5 just for the sheer entertainment value.

  3. katie_a_princess

    “rockstar” makes me want to file a lawsuit against somebody, anybody

  4. Poubelle

    Admittedly, I haven’t paid that much attention to their sales lately, but Motion City Soundtrack seems higher than I would have expected (as in, not in the top 20 at all). But, hey, yay them! (and yay good shelf placement?).

    And I agree, the secon-week numbers of Kanye & co. are really good for [i]this year[/i].

  5. Fried Bologna Is Back!

    Was Barry Manilow on Oprah, too? Or does he always chart in the top ten, and I just stopped noticing around 1982?

  6. Lucas Jensen

    An Oprah record club would totally kill it, sales-wise. It’s a really good idea.

  7. Chris Molanphy

    @Fried Bologna Is Back!: The Barry record is the third in a Rod Stewart-like series of albums in which the Colbert-defeater sings the songs of [X] decade. The first two debuted really high – Songs of the ’50s, in fact, topped the chart in early ’06. (The performance of this third volume is actually a bit of a fall-off from the first two records’ performance.) Prior to this series, Barry wasn’t really selling consistently well at all.

    Re: the falloff numbers on last week’s big three — once again, I have to say, the surprising underperformer is, in a way, Chesney. Hip-hop albums that debut big are supposed to take a big tumble in week two (see Z, Jay); but country albums are supposed to hold better, and Chesney has two huge singles at country radio right now. So while 71% for him looks better than the high 70s for Kanye and 50, it’s pathetic that he’s even dropping that much, esp. when you consider that he was distantly behind both of them last week. Honestly, I wasn’t rooting for him or anything, but I am mystified – I really thought he’d have a much better second week.

  8. rrnate

    Re: Kenny Chesney – the thing you guys have to remember is that
    there are country listeners still buying Kenny Chesney’s last album as
    his “latest” – this demographic is a little slow to pick up new
    records. This album will totally go six or seven singles deep at
    country radio and will sell major amounts well in to next year. Slow n’


  9. Captain Wrong

    Isn’t a duets album a sign that a singer should be on a deathwatch?

  10. DrSpaceman

    I can’t wait till Manilow’s “Barry Sings the 90′s” album. Think of what he’ll do with “Brick” by Ben Folds Five!

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