The Tough Alliance Are Too Cute For Their Own Good

Sep 26th, 2007 // 3 Comments

One release that’s quickly snuck up on me–like, within the last couple of days “quickly,” right after being tipped off to its existence by a colleague–as a 2007 favorite is the New Chance EP by the Tough Alliance, a Swedish duo who really love all the cute and cuddly cliches that come pre-bundled with the bouncier, more Hi-NRG end of synth-pop, so much so that it’s both faintly embarassing and totally winning. Normally I’m not a huge indie-pop fan–in case that hadn’t become readily obvious over the last few months–and this might be closer to the sort of thing that Maura would hip you to. But an indie-pop band that samples EQ’s rave classic “Total Ecstacy” and seems to take most of its cues from mid-period Pet Shop Boys, well, I got no complaints. A small word of warning, however: Do not click play if the words “twee as fuck” frighten you.

The Tough Alliance – “New Chance” [YouTube]
The Tough Alliance [Official site]

  1. Anonymous

    “Cute and cuddly”? The Tough Alliance are noteworthy for combining politics with their *ugh* “Hi-NRG” music, not for simply stealing bland cliches. I get the feeling the writer didn’t listen to this song once they recognized the EQ sample.

  2. the rich girls are weeping

    @cygnus: Aw, don’t be such a grumpy-pants, guy. This is a totally fun track.

  3. bcapirigi

    the tough alliance are really iffy. koka kola veins is one of my favorite songs of the year, but the other couple i’ve heard have been sort of meh and just make me wish that le sport were still together*. this one’s cool, though. and the video is neat. so stop being such a crabapple, guy that wrote that first comment.

    *not to namecheck bands that nobody’s ever heard of, but they were awesome for their sadly brief time together.

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