Ready The Snark: Two Drunks Mumble Incoherently

Sep 26th, 2007 // 23 Comments

What happens when two borderline alcoholics get a video camera shoved in their faces and a plucky documentarian starts grilling them about which bands get a thumbs-up and which get a thumbs-down? They act like morons.

Thrill to this brief glimpse of your Idolators out from behind the laptops and in front of videographer Alex Goldberg’s camera after many, many drinks at Monday night’s anniversary party. Watch as Maura babbles excitedly and I stand there like a creepy congenital idiot with my mouth hanging open the whole time. Probably not our finest moment–at least Goldberg chopped my two massive thumbs-up for the Killers–but hey, at least you finally learn how to produce the site’s goddamn name.


  1. Lucas Jensen

    GBV a sideways? Okay, sure all of their later records were pretty sucky, but still.

  2. dollywould

    I *knew* I was pronouncing it wrong!

    And I am so with you on Stones > Beatles.

  3. dippinkind

    queen ARE awesome.

  4. Jess Harvell

    sadly it was “ween.”

  5. Plague

    I will no longer give any credence to a music site’s editors that give GBV a “sideways”, no matter if they are drunk or not.
    Some intelligent opinions can’t be hindered by alcohol.

  6. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    I’m an artist!

    Oh. You mean REAL artists… Gotcha.

  7. mackro

    Plague, Pollard has a mafia. Idolators be watching their backs.

  8. Fraid

    My god. Stones > Beatles?!?! The Walkmen receive a thumbs down and a sideways!?! My beloved Idolator, I thought I knew thee!

  9. Chris Molanphy

    Averaged out, I’d say GBV’s career definitely gets something less than a full thumbs up. That said, Bee Thousand earned them so much goodwill I probably would’ve given them a three-quarter thumb, like Maura did on Blur (which was right on, BTW).

    And can I get an amen for Maura’s party dress? Teh cute. (And here you thought we’d all be making fun of you!)

  10. dollywould

    @dennisobell: Amen. I also loved the Maura necklace, but I didn’t want to get all Jezebel up in here.

  11. Lucas Jensen

    @Fraid: Yeah. That’s nuts.

  12. dippinkind

    @jessdolator: oh. then i’m with you on that one.

  13. Maura Johnston

    @jessdolator: Wait no I thought he said “Queen”!

    @heidiho: I have had that necklace since seventh grade.

    @everyone else: You are all way, way, way too nice to the drunk. ENABLERS!!

  14. Jess Harvell

    @maura: i’m pretty sure he said/says ween, but i may have been drunkenly hypnotized by the little red blinky light on the camera.

  15. extracrispy

    Wait, i-DOLL-a-tor???

    I’ve been calling this thing i-duh-LA-tor for a year now.

  16. The Mozfather

    That was hey-larious. And brave! No way no how people are interviewing me drunk and then putting it up on the Internets. “And another think…”

  17. The Mozfather

    @extracrispy: Perhaps because I am one, I’ve been pronouncing it correctly. I can only say it goes some way towards making up for the fact I didn’t know how to pronounce !!! for ages.

  18. Barry White Stripes, Office LW

    At least Blur rated higher that Oasis.

    /90′s brit pop battle

  19. Rory B. Bellows

    No love for GBV and Ween.

    Much love for Queen.


  20. joe bananas

    WTF two thumbs down for oasis = GAS FACE.

  21. brasstax

    Queen or Ween, both deserve a thumbs up.

    And Oasis should’ve rated thumbs pressed to the floorboards.

  22. KittytheKat

    Jo Jo the Dog Face Boy and the Tall Lady from the Freak Show are happy that you did this!

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