The Sex Pistols to Play Reunion Concert

Sep 27th, 2007 // 3 Comments

johnnyrotten.jpgAccording to a press release, the Sex Pistols are (shocking!y!) playing a reunion gig in L.A. on Oct. 25 under the aegis of guitarist Steve Jones’ day job, radio station Indie 103.1. If there’s not a New York show within the month, I’ll eat one of John Lydon’s megabugs. [Indie 103.1]

  1. Anonymous

    Well, I’m not sure I approve of this ‘audition’ process, but I guess Idolator has a reputation to uphold and cannot take a chance at allowing uncool people onto the site.

    That, however, is not my comment. (Sometimes I like to start with a tangent and go from there.) My comment is that I’ve had about enough of the media’s obsession with exposing The Sex Pistols as mercenary, hypocritical frauds. Yes, they’re only in it for the money; Lydon and co. have never claimed otherwise. They did, after all, sign with a major friggin’ label right out of the gate. Isn’t it time to simply accept their continuing pathetic attempts to legitimize their legacy, as just part of the swindle? I say, good for them. Hey, we all have to make ends meet.

  2. yolakayak

    @thewig: …and they’re bloated too.

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