HMV Canada Is Very, Very Sorry If You Don’t Like The New Springsteen Album

Sep 27th, 2007 // 7 Comments

bruuuuceeeee.jpgThe president of HMV Canada has some novel (by which I mean batshit) ideas on how to get consumers to feel comfortable buying an album that they could now just as easily steal. Yes, it’s come to this: a written apology for an album’s potential suckiness.

In an effort to secure the number-one position on the Nielsen SoundScan charts across Canada next week, HMV is offering purchasers of the album a free video and ringtone download of Magic’s first single, “Radio Nowhere,” plus a limited-edition lyric booklet – and a personal money-back guarantee from HMV Canada president Humphrey Kadaner that they will love the album.

Blaine Schwingenschlegel, custom marketing manager for Sony BMG Canada, says the idea for the promotion came from Kadaner, a massive Springsteen fan. “Humphrey is so adamant about the quality of this record that not only will he offer a full refund, but he will also send a personal apology letter to anyone who returns it,” he tells MiC. Kadaner has also pledged to donate $1,000 to the Daily Bread Food Bank in anticipation of the record soaring to the top of the charts. If it doesn’t, he’ll donate $2,000.

Listen Canada, don’t think you can just buy back our affection with your kissing of our national treasure’s ass and your refund guarantees and your weird socialistic “charity” after foisting the Biggest Rock Album Of The Century So-Far on us.

HMV Pres Sticks Neck Out For The Boss [Media In Canada via Coolfer]


  1. zaky

    So….buy it, burn it and sell it back to HMV? Wow. I’m glad I don’t work for Columbia.

  2. Rob Murphy

    Oh, come on. You guys made that up, right? “Blaine Schwingenschlegel” is not a real name. It’s the name of a character in a Mike Myers (also Canadian!) skit.

  3. Chris Molanphy

    Uncynical reaction: Between this and the Grammy timing, people who’ve heard the album must really think it’s The Shit. (Wonder if old-fart critics will give it #1 in Pazz & Jop.)

    Cynical reaction: Is Sony behind this? Sounds like a weak-ass way to help ensure a #1 debut.

  4. Anonymous

    @dennisobell: If Dylan’s “Modern Times” can grab the top slot, there is no reason this album should not be #1.

  5. motoraway

    I would not step into a HMV here if my life depended on it. What was once a decent chain, although pricey at times, is now a waste of top 20 CDs and DVDs. I might purchase this, only to return it, just to see if I get a hand written apology.

  6. lucasg

    i enjoy that both times so far this album has shown up here, it turns in to baseball stats in regards to how it will sell.

  7. Audif Jackson Winters III

    Can an album really top Pazz & Jop when its leadoff single nicks from Tommy Tutone?

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