Lil Wayne Keeps On Whoring It Up

Sep 27th, 2007 // 3 Comments

weezybritney.jpgEvery time I hear the words “it’s Britney, bitch” a little shriveled piece of what I once called my soul flakes off into my bourbon glass. And this Lil Wayne-assisted “dirty pop” remix of “Gimme More” is no different, with Weezy F. in and out within the first 40 seconds (plus another 15-second burst near the end), the kind of typically self-cannibalizing verse that characterizes Wayne’s lyrical slackitude on these (now potentially endless) pop remixes he keeps dashing off in the time it took me to microwave this cup of tea.

Meanwhile Britney Spears continues to unconsciously (or semi-consciously, in her case) mock real, live, sweaty human sexuality with her “horny” panting, and producer Max Method sounds like a makeup brand and knocks out a beat that ka-chunks along in now accepted 2007 style, with the bonus of more video games noises and that tongue-clicking sound I used to use to annoy my mom when I was a bratty prepubescent. Ditch Brit and force “the greatest” to actually bring his dormant A-game and this might be a hit.

Max Method [MySpace via Blender]

  1. Fried Bologna Is Back!

    So are you drinking bourbon, tea, or some noxious microwavable bourbon-and-bigelow cocktail?

  2. Jess Harvell

    a little from column a, and so on.

  3. mackro

    “in and out within the first 40 seconds (plus another 15-second burst near the end)”

    You guys are feelin’ testy.

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