More Rumored Changes for Yahoo! Music

Sep 27th, 2007 // 2 Comments

Those rumored changes that have been coming to Yahoo! Music? No word on whether the download service will be shuttered yet, but apparently they’ll involve “more synergies between our music, games, movies, TV, and omg! properties, making them more personal and engaging for entertainment hounds.” Yes, that’s right–more synergies between the music department and the hot pink post-verbal paparazzi site omg!, which can only result in one thing: Furthering the lie that people actually still give a shit about Joel Madden’s “music” “career.” [paidContent]

  1. the rich girls are weeping

    hot pink post-verbal paparazzi site omg!

    Omg, that site makes me want to KILL everyone.

  2. blobby

    Yahoo! Music?

    My thoughts exactly.

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