Lupe Fiasco’s New Video Dumbs Down Its Own Production Values

Sep 28th, 2007 // 4 Comments

jess@idolator (8:37:45 AM): This Lupe Fiasco video is really bad, by the way.
maura@idolator (8:37:58 AM): I didn’t watch.
jess@idolator (8:38:05 AM): It looks like he slipped $50 and a new skateboard to the “promising” local film school dropout, who hired a few of his buddies and the always hilarious “square, uptight white dude.” Apparently a major label deal gets you seven extras and a white backdrop these days.
maura@idolator (8:38:13 AM): Well, that’s because it’s “viral.”
jess@idolator (8:38:37 AM): That’s because it’s “shitty.”

Lupe Fiasco – “Dumb It Down” [YouTube]

  1. jus10j

    The video also doesn’t help the fact that Lupe’s rhymes are downright ridiculous. “Even Scuba Steve would find it hard to breathe?” What? Do we really need a “Big Daddy” reference? Plus it’s nearly impossible to make out what they’re saying when they say “Dumb It Down.” Pretty much, he’s referencing hip-hop’s faults while enacting hip-hop’s faults.

  2. Kate Richardson

    I think this was edited with Windows Movie Maker.

  3. chaircrusher

    Screw the video. I love the beat, and parts of his rhyme are nice “I’m flying on Pegasus you flying on a pheasant…”

    But it’s a 10 yard penalty to rhyme ‘tearless’ with ‘ears is’ — what do they teach young MCs these days in school?

  4. Julio Allison

    “So, we’ve nailed down a concept for the video…”

    No you haven’t. Not at all.

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