Review of Ryan Adams Concert

Sep 28th, 2007 // 5 Comments

“After 70 minutes he’d had enough. [Ryan] Adams announced ‘the last song,’ played it and didn’t return for an encore. Many fans stood and booed” at a recent show. Yes, how dare he give his fans over an hour’s worth of entertainment. Still, given that we’re talking about Ryan Adams, I say boo away, Minneapolis. [AP]


  1. Whigged

    Jim DeRogatis doesn’t think this bodes well for Ryan, and that fans should wait for Wilco to come around instead.

  2. natepatrin

    Dude must hate Mpls. — he did this “I hate performing for my paying audience” routine at First Ave back in ’03, too, only he spent most the time ranting about Paul Westerberg instead.

  3. Lucas Jensen

    @natepatrin: And him ranting about Westerberg is just wrong.

  4. OingoBobo

    Paying fans would be happy with a jam– remember improvised music?
    Set down the guitar, towel off, get a beverage, take a whizz, come back, and noodle for 15 minutes= happy kids. Am I wrong?
    Team Minneapolis.

  5. metalkate

    i just saw ryan adams a few weeks ago in northampton. i was a little apprehensive about snoozy country-inflected rock at a sitdown venue, but once he got into his cuckoo between song banter and audience involvement was when the entertainment really started. i mean, the songs were lovely, but without the intersong pathos, would have been nap time, big time. anyway, i think he should just do a spoken word tour. i’d hit it.

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