“Rolling Stone” Readership Thinks Silverchair Is Better Than Funkadelic


Okay, not exactly. But Rolling Stone‘s readers did recently pick the 25 most underrated guitarists of all time/this week, and while you can’t knock the No. 1 choice, personally I find it hard to imagine Prince as “underrated” at anything. At least he’s ahead of Daniel Johns from Silverchair at No. 18, who trumped Funkadelic’s Eddie Hazel way down at No. 24. Actually let me repeat that: Daniel Johns. From Silverchair. Beat the guy who played on “Maggot Brain.” Is Johns some kind of John Mayer-like (guitar) wanker of the type you’d never know about unless you were super-familiar with Silverchair album cuts? Anyway, the full list is after the jump and Mssr. Johns is really the only OMG WTF LOL inclusion, even if the usual lack of Andy Gill brings the lone tear:

1. Prince 2. Kurt Cobain 3. Neil Young 4. George Harrison 5. Ace Frehley 6. Mike McCready 7. Lindsey Buckingham 8. Mick Taylor 9. Nels Cline 10. Johnny Greenwood 11. Tom Verlaine 12. Carrie Brownstein 13. Mick Jones 14. Robert Fripp 15. Johnny Marr 16. John Frusciante 17. Izzy Stradlin 18. Daniel Johns 19. Vernon Reid 20. Robbie Robertson 21. Mick Ronson 22. Billy Corgan 23. Elliott Smith 24. Eddie Hazel 25. Phil Keaggy

The 25 Most Underrated Guitarists [Rolling Stone]