Hey Everyone, Let’s Harass John Lydon

johnnyrotten.jpgThe NME reports that its “sister title” Uncut is soliciting questions for J. Rotten from readers just in time for the Sex Pistols reunion hoo-hah, and frankly I’m guessing I’m not the only one of you who has some things they want cleared up straight from the Antichrist’s mouth. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

- Why did Charles Nelson Reilly have to die and yet you’re still here?

- If I gave you $50, would you do the “Truffle Shuffle” for Idolator’s cameras? (C’mon, you know you would, John.)

- Is a horse the new frisbee?

- In level 1-3 of Super Paper Mario, how do you find the hidden “star block” (C. 2007 Nintendo/Yung Joc) to finish the level? (Seriously, this is fucking killing me.)

- Who’s got manlier hands, Billy Duffy or Bif Naked?

- “How can intelligent humans achieve happiness in a hypermediated and hypersexualised environment which shows every sign of worsening?”

Feel free to insert your own if you wish. I’ll be mailing off Idolator’s official contribution to IPC Media on Friday.

Put A Question To The Sex Pistols’ John Lydon [NME]

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