Eminem Does The Same Ol’ Shit, Except Lazier

eminemmic.jpgIf you can hear it under the migraine-level avalanche of sirens and gunshots, DJ Whoo Kid shouting out his “Jew-Unit,” and the tinny radio-rip quality, Eskay has a two-minute preview of the new Eminem at Nah Right. (And considering Whoo Kid spins the track back around 40 seconds in, this makes it a minute-and-a-half preview.)

Sonically, one of Nah Right’s commenters calls it without even bothering to download it: “generic eminem production (snares too loud, moody strings).” As for Em, he’s still mugging in silly cartoon accents (quasi-Spanish nonsense here, if that matters), slouching on his storehouse of meta self-referentiality (getting defensive over that infamous clip of a young Em letting the N-word slip), dropping kindergarten-restroom scatology (something about peeing, or drinking pee, I couldn’t be bothered to parse it before noon to be honest), and otherwise obscuring his own technical gifts under 10 tons of shtick. Even in low-bitrate, miniature form, it’s hardly as lazily offensive as “Just Lose It,” but has any other rapper’s legacy been self-tarnished in such record time?

New Eminem [Nah Right]

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