The Worst Music-Magazine Cover Of The Year Race Is More Over Than Kid Rock’s Career

ewwww.jpgI was going to try and look for a higher-resolution edition of the latest Rolling Stone cover, which features Kid Rock and a bunch of unidentified midriffs, but then I thought, “You know what? I don’t want to scare away all our readers.” Somewhere, Scott Stapp is looking at this picture and crying sweaty tears. (Also, in case you’re keeping score, this classy-ass cover shot brings the “women in the business of looking pretty” to “women in music who are actually allowed to wear shirts” on this year’s Rolling Stone covers ratio to 6:1.)

Kid Rock’s Wild Cover Shoot Video: Watch Him Navigate Strippers and Questions about Tommy Lee, His New LP [Rolling Stone]

  • Julio Allison

    Who’s on deck for next month, Limp Bizkit?

  • Chris Molanphy

    Wow, this is an appalling cover. And the nameless babes are pointless, too.

  • Chris Molanphy

    Also: isn’t Rolling Stone off-schedule? With a new Springsteen album hitting stores this week, it’s the Baby Boom bible’s sworn duty to pop Herr Bruce on the cover, toot sweet.

  • Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    Worst part about going to SxSW. The RS subscription they give you when you register.

  • SomeSound-MostlyFury

    We can’t find a worse cover/cover subject than this one?
    Where have you gone, Fred Durst? Our nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you.

  • Ned Raggett

    @Dead Air ummm Dead Air: Hahaha, really? How horrid.

  • Lucas Jensen

    @dennisobell: And I would be so thankful given this week’s subject.

  • Artie Fufkin

    Are they sure this isn’t the 1999 Hot Issue? Kid Rock, McCain, Bruce…
    Yea, I am pretty sure this is a repeat.

  • The Van Buren Boys

    @dennisobell: The bottom left corner of the cover appears to be giving Springsteen’s new album 5 stars. Real shocker there.

    I would like to agree with the assessment of Kid Rock’s career being over, but it’s not over by a long shot. Rednecks love this guy. As soon as he releases the inevitable country crossover single this album will sell plenty. *shudders*

  • Jupiter8

    He was never the same after his rappin’ dwarf died.

  • baconfat

    wow, that’s surprising – they’re giving the new springsteen 5 stars. never saw that one coming. not in a million years.

  • Lucas Jensen

    By the way, I hope this becomes a regular feature.

  • NickEddy

    Five stars for Springsteen.

    Wow! Just like “The Final Cut.”

  • okiedoke

    Not that I’m in the habit of giving free career advice, but he might think of getting an eye patch and redoing that venerable hit “Cover of the Rolling Stone.” There’s his crossover single. Standing by to shudder.

    Oh yeah, and Jann wants to know why I’ve been reaching for Mojo since late last century when I’m at Barnes & Noble.

  • Julio Allison


    Ah yes, the Rolling Stone Blind Four-Plus Star Review Club

    Full Membership:

    Bruce Springsteen
    Bob Dylan

    Partial Membership:

    Pearl Jam

    …Who else?

  • MrStarhead

    Kid Rock’s new single falls into the “Hinder-aping” section of mook-rock, which means lots of sales from white trash in the hinterlands.

  • The Van Buren Boys

    @KingHater: How can you leave off the Rolling Stones/Mick Jagger. Who can forget their 5-Star review of Jagger’s last solo album penned by Jann himself.

  • Jupiter8

    Jackson Brown
    Neil Young

  • Cam/ron

    Well, at least we can give credit to RS for trying to make hepatitis-carriers look sexy.

  • Michaelangelo Matos

    @KingHater: Mick Jagger

  • baconfat

    @KingHater: Beastie Boys and McCartney both come really close. I’m still reeling the five-star To The 5 Boroughs review.