Sex Pistols Reunion To Take A Page From Master P?

johnnyrotten.jpgFile under “pieces of news that I thought Maura was giving me in order to fake me out and get my attention,” but according to Yahoo Music, “the Sex Pistols have been asked not to swear during their upcoming reunion tour, to avoid offending any children watching,” because “John Lydon claims bass player Glen Matlock has insisted the punk icons keep their language clean, because his son will be at some of the concerts.” But Johnny Rotten is not one to let a civil, if hilariously inappropriate, request from a bandmate pass without giving it the two-fingered salute:

“He’s been saying that all this swearing should stop. I understand he’s a father and doesn’t want his son to have to hear foul language,” said Lydon, before dismissing the plan.

“I wrote in ‘Bodies’: ‘F**k this and f**k that / F*ck it all, and f**k the f**king brat,’ and I don’t think there’s a clearer song about the pain of abortion.

“The juxtaposition of all those different psychic things in your head and all the confusion, the anger, the frustration, you have to capture in those words,” he told Spin magazine.

Some literary efficiency expert should have told James Joyce he could have captured “the juxtaposition of all those different psychic things in your head” with a snotty string of “fucks.”

Meanwhile, this LOLz-bringing story (and the opportunity to once again post the glorious Megabugs photo) led to your Idolators joking about how funny/weird it was that my two recent “beats” have been Hannah Montana concert ticket reports and Sex Pistols reunion news. Then I made a joke about John Lydon and Miley Cyrus having a baby. And then it wasn’t funny/weird anymore. Then it was just weird.

Sex Pistols May Ban Swearing On Reunion Tour [Yahoo]

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