Compare And Contrast: Steve Perry Vs. The Latest Guy To (We Think) Front Journey

Oct 3rd, 2007 // 40 Comments

journey2008.jpgStraight from–Maura: “A.K.A. ‘where I go to find out about the DANGER DANGER REUNION’”–we learn that “the man in the middle [of this photo] is Philippine vocalist Arnel Pineda (of Asian rock band The Zoo). If you believe the word out there, the deal is done and an announcement will follow in due course.” The “deal” being that Pineda has supposedly been tapped to replace forgettable yarler/warm body Jeff Scott Soto as the lead singer of Journey. How snugly does Pineda fit into Perry’s mullet and jean jacket? Decide for yourself after the jump:



Well, he accquits himself pretty well, I think, but fella, I spent many hours playing Joust at the Jamesway shopping center to the strains of Steve Perry. And you are no Steve Perry. But even more than Pineda’s Perry-o-phonic fidelity, the real question might be how the fictional Middle-American residents of fictional South Detroit will take to Journey’s latest addition.

“And is this the 2008 line-up of Journey?” []
The Zoo – “Don’t Stop Believin” [YouTube]
Journey – “Don’t Stop Believin” [YouTube]

  1. Al Shipley

    I can’t remember the last time I was as excited about a domain name as when I saw the words MELODIC ROCK DOT COM.

  2. CharlesRockyPamplin

    i can’t keep doing this to myself; i get my hopes up EVERY TIME i log onto,, or, only to have them dashed. DAMN YOU STEVE PERRY!!

  3. FionaScrapple

    Close, but no cigar.

  4. Fried Bologna Is Back!

    Wow, they’ve really got that high-school gym rockin in the first clip.

  5. blobby

    When I first saw that title I definitely saw “(Think We)” rather than “(We Think)”, which raised my expectations to unsurpassable levels and resulted in immediately crushing disappointment. Damn me and my stupid lysdexia!

  6. Anonymous

    -Why can’t people just be happy for someone’s potential success, and yes, Arnel is all potential. He is not in any way replacing Steve Perry but you have to give credit when it is due. The dude can sing and I will leave it at that. I just wish people give this guy the chance and don’t be so caught up with the “what ifs”. For all those who has something “not so good to say”, I’d like for you to take a whack at it and get on stage. If you can come half as good as this guy, I might think about listening to what you have to say. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the music because in the end, this is what it is all about…

  7. Anonymous

    Arnel Pineda is the better singer, that’s what he does as the lead vocalist for his cover band. Steve Perry’s an awesome singer too but on top of that, he’s a great songwriter/hit maker. Arnel’s voice is a little bit more solid compared to Steve’s…you can watch all his videos and songs he’s covered (i.e. Sting, Aerosmith, & GnR). Roxanne’s probably one of the toughest vocals to perform and he did it without breaking a sweat. You just need to be objective and see what’s really there between the two. Bottom line, Arnel Pineda – better singer; Steve Perry – good songwriter/hitmaker. ~MC

  8. Anonymous

    The negative comments about Journey’s new lead singer mounts a lot spewing foul-smelling and trash-talking mouths out there!

    They’re doing tons of nonsense blabbering everywhere because of one thing. THE DEMANDS OF THESE SICK RACIST CREATURES WERE NOT MET! IT’S LIKE REVIVING A ROTTING CORPSE FROM THE GRAVE! LOL..! Sounds funny but they really are!

    I know Steve Perry is a great lead vocalist but he can no longer tour for health reasons, et al. Can these sick people who are questioning the band’s decision just shut up for a while and let the band prove themselves again? YOU GOT BETTER THINGS TO DO THAT JUST WASTING YOUR TIME CRYING OVER SPILLED MILK!

  9. Anonymous

    I’m not trying to put Steve down or anything like that, to me he will always be “THE VOICE” of Journey and the best they’ve ever and will ever have. But just give it a rest! Steve Perry is doing his things, so let him keep busy and give this new guy a chance. He can sing and he does it damn well.

  10. Anonymous

    to all journey fans hope you give arnel pineda a chance to prove himself. that he can sing. he’s not trying to become steve perry.coz theres only one steve arnel has his own style too. so please give him a chance. like you did to steve perry .

  11. Anonymous

    If SP will reunite with Journey their concert should be held in senior communities. Journey needs a younger member to attract the younger generations since SP’s fans are either old or dead. Also, Asia is home to half of the world population, so their “warm bodies” will be felt in all the Journey concert tours; SP fans eat your heart out!

  12. Anonymous

    just watch arnel pineda on their coming tour in chile then you decide if they are wrong for choosing him as the lead singer for journey. i dont think they will get him if he’s not good. for sure arnel has talent and he will prove that to everybody. so just wait see. and to journey specially arnel pineda good luck and more power.

  13. Anonymous

    For all you JOURNEY fans out there, please dont judge a book by its cover.we all know that Steve Perry is long gone and not coming back anymore,so enough with the reunion thing OK. about this new guy ( ARNEL ) the dude can sing, i mean he can sing those classic SP songs without a help of a backup vocal,even SP needed a backup Dude’s give this guy a chance and let him do his thing.and one thing Neal and the rest of the Band put him into an audition and they unanimously agreed that he is the MAN,so unless you are better than Neal and the rest of the guys,why wont you just sit tight and enjoy the ride….IM OUT

  14. Anonymous

    Just an FYI, for all you Arnel critics out there,check out Kevin Shirley’s website and click on his DIARY from December 2007,to answer all your concerns….

  15. Anonymous

    to all journey fans specially the critics now it’s time for you to watch arnel pineda. you will have a chance to see him perform with the journey. so start buying tickets . before it’s to late happy listening. let’s all have a cigar for arnel. were so proud of you.

  16. Anonymous

    to all arnel haters. now what can you say about arnel pineda’s performance in chile? people like him very much . it’s a good start for journey . having the highest award in chile. wow!i dont think he needs to prove something .everybody watch it. so i guess it’s time for everybody to stop saying bad things. whose best or not . steve had hist time. without him journey will not recognize. now it’s arnel time .it doesnt matter what nationality he is. what important is he got talent . and his own style. ok peace out!

  17. Anonymous

    Frankly, I had goose bumps all over my forearms as I was writing this. I intentionally did not watch the video. I just listened to the audio to see how Journey’s new lead vocalist compares to the great Steve Perry – “The Voice” himself.

    Well, Perry just got reincarnated, and it was hard to tell the difference between the two voices, except that the new one is fresher and has more soul to it.

    Heaven to me means listening to one of my all-time favorite rock ballads – Faithfully, from one of my favorite rock bands – Journey, with new lead vocalist – Arnel Pineda, another one of those extremely musically-gifted creatures called Filipinos.

  18. Anonymous

    Arnel’s voice exudes manliness and power aside from the smoothness and great quality of his voice. He has charisma too. True indeed, goosebumps will be experienced if you hear him sing. I look forward to see their concert and buy Journey’s album this coming June.

  19. Anonymous

    Hey! SP’s just a memories, understand!The new wave, is the new guy, in the name of Arnel PINEDA band Journey revelation! Do not comment no more! The new original songs of the JOURNEY with Arnel on it, its a blockbuster…so, buy their new records for the new go ‘head, youre welcome, especially SP’s fans, okey!

  20. Anonymous

    I can’t believe I’m writting this, I think I’m gonna be bashed for doing this, but hey, I think the new guy (PINEDA) is awesome!…Don’t get me wrong, I love steve perry as most of you guys do, But hell, I have to admit it myself no matter how hard it is for me…he blow me away with his performances lately!!! initially…I never thought I would like him…until now I still don’t wanna like him…what can I do, its just impossible for me not to like this new guy!I will always love steve perry but I am starting to love this new guy too, he is tremendously talented!…schon ansd cain prove themselves right!…pineda is the guy!…I need not say more…ouch!

  21. Anonymous

    I thought he was a joke last year when they hired him.

    I thought he was still a joke when they did Chile.

    I thought he was OK with the Vegas gig.

    Well, he’s fantastic after I heard AATY & NWA.

    Still no Steve, No Journey. OK, I have to do my

  22. Anonymous

    I am one of journeys biggest fans, or should i say was. I can’t stand listneing to the new guy. He really bit. I really miss steve. This message is for steve. Steve if you read this we really need you to come back. I only listen to the old journey now. As long as the new guy is there i will not listen to them again. Hey you new guy you need to leave and they need to bring Steve back. I was looking forward to the state fair this year to come watch you guys, but not now. sorry! STEVE PLEASE COME BACK AND FREE US FROM THIS WANNA BE STEVE PERRY!!!!!!!

  23. Anonymous

    The new guy really bits. He is no steve perry and never will be. This message is for Steve. Steve if you read this please come back. This new guy needs to take a hike and the band needs to bring back steve no matter what it cost. STEVE! PLEASE COME BACK AND FREE OUR EARS FROM THIS STEVE WANNA BE. You are so much better. I go to all the concerts at the state fair, but not this year. I only listen to the songs that steve sang and i will not listen to the new guys music. I will have to say that i did listen to him just see if everyone else was right, but boy was i sorry. Not again. Steve is for me and me only. The other guy need to move out and the band need to move steve back where he belongs.

  24. Anonymous

    Jenn8731 – Not only is this guy very good, he has a bit more power in this voice than Steve. True he is not as crisp as Steve but a little more experience would cure that although I don’t know how long his powerful voice would hold up belting Journey’s catalog.

  25. Anonymous

    ppena: the cd is out and the critics backs me up. so cry!
    lol..or you can keep believing what you want but the truth is in the listening!!

    pineda has more power in his voice than perry. GET OVER IT!!!

  26. Anonymous

    ppena: perry’s voice loses quality on the high notes because he does not have the ring quality of a true tenor. perry’s high notes are head notes..that is why sometimes he sounds so nasal!

    and as far as pineda struggling on high notes or cutting of notes…get a big box of Q-TIPS!! you are imagining things.

  27. Anonymous

    I get a kick out of people who just jump in and say, “A.P’s got a WAY BETTER VOICE”.
    And what are you judging that by? The open, operatic style, the long vibrattos? Steve Perry could do that in spades but he didn’t feel it was always appropriate to every song. These are ROCK songs after all. A.P. definitely has a good voice but he’s also trying to show off a lot and it doesn’t always fit the song he’s singing.
    I agree he can probably imitate a wider range of singers but I don’t agree he has a better voice. I think S.P.’s phrasing, feeling for the song and subtle vocal nuances put him head and shoulders above A.P.
    But what’s really important is the chemistry between S.P., Neal and John Cain which allowed for these amazing songs. Will A.P. be able to reproduce the same magic??
     Does anyone actually believe the new Journey will write a song as famous as “Faithfully” or “Open Arms”. I kind of doubt it.
    Journey is now, essentially, a tribute band.

  28. Anonymous

    Idolator69 wrote “Not only is this guy very good, he has a bit more power in his voice than Steve”. Good grief, what a joke. Did you see him do “faithfully” on the Ellen Degeners show? Did you watch the end? On S.P’s famously long “ever yooooours”, A.P. cuts it off at the end because he can’t sustain. I’ve also seen him do “Don’t stop believin’” and he really struggles with some of those high notes but then puts a false “whoa ohoh” to fool people when he can’t really hit the note.

    S.P. never did that. Also, A.P. does a lot of these almost operatic vibrattos to show off his voice which isn’t really appropriate to the feeling of the song (which is why S.P. didn’t sing it that way). I’ve heard S.P. live and his voice is like bionic. It’s really amazing, much stronger than this A.P. guy.

  29. Anonymous

    No one can and will ever replace STEVE PERRY and thats a FACT but can we please stop hating ARNEL PINEDA for being the new lead vocals for Journey??? Can SP and AP fans possibly co-exist without this so much hate? Come on, admit it guys, AP is awesome and this is HIS time to rock the world with Journey. AP was quoted saying in an interview that he himself is a FAN of SP and would even like to have his autograph if given a chance to meet him. Stop hating AP and enjoy their new album Revelation.

  30. Anonymous

    My whole family loved Steve Perry… and after I checked Arnel Pineda out… it gave me goosebumps… he sure sound like Steve in most songs. He shows some in his own style, which makes the difference between SP and AP. What impresses me is how he came about.. Neal and the Youtube.!! To compare Arnel Pineda with Steve Perry:
    - Arnel lost his mom at 13, Steve lost his dad (left) at 2
    - Arnel’s girlfriend is Cherrie, Steve’s girlfriend was Sherrie
    - Arnel is short and petite, Steve is short and petite (used to be)
    - Pineda and Perreira… they might be related since Ferdinand Magellan, who was born in the Azores, Portugal, discovered Philippines in 1521, bringing with him hundreds of Spaniards and Portuguese. Eventually, he was killed there. There might be a tiny bit strand of blood that creates the same vocal chords. Who knows…

  31. Anonymous

    Pineda sounds like he’s singing while sitting on a washing machine on
    spin cycle.

  32. Anonymous

    Perry vs Pineda….the way I see it is like this: Boston Celtics are NBA Champions again. Kevin Garnett brought them back to the top. Garnett is good, very very good but guess what. He ain’t no Larry Bird and the Celtics of today couldn’t hold a candle to those of the 80′s.

    Journey is new…reborn some say. Pineda, the 1st time I heard him, gave me chill bumps. The dude is good..really really good but no he ain’t no Steve Perry but he isn’t trying to be. Journey of today is not what it was with Perry of the 80s.

    Something to think about for those who say Pineda is trying to be Steve Perry. In a way he is, his old band Zoo did alot of Journey cover tunes due to, I am sure, the fact that he idealized them. Just think, less than a year ago, he was playin to 18 people in bus station bath rooms in Zimbobway. I can’t imagine how awe struck he must be actually leading the band he idealized. Well, I guess he could lead the band if he gets permission from Neal Schon anyways.

  33. Anonymous

    That’s right bandydad…Pineda is no Perry. Perry has more of a smoother voice while Pineda has a more powerful voice. The resurgence of J is because of Pineda’s powerful soaring countertenor voice. If he sounded just like Perry (ie Hunsicker or Hugo), they would not be this popular again.
    I have talk to a few longtime Journey fans and a few of them told me that Pineda’s version of SW via Dallas was the best they have ever heard LIVE!..a few mentioned OA was also better than Perry’s. There IS ALWAYS SOMEBODY BETTER THAN SOMEBODY. that is a universal truth. Someday, there will be somebody that will be better than Pineda and it’s not Perry.

  34. Please stop incorrectly citing Arnel Pineda as a COUNTERTENOR? He is not … countertenors are extremely rare — only a very small percentage of singers fall into this category. Think of it like a needle in a haystack, as I heard some put it so perfectly. I have not yet seen a vocal classification for Pineda, but hearing him, he is not a countertenor. Please stop calling Steve Perry only a falsetto singer? It is very discrediting! Perry employed falsetto only in his EXTREME upper register. Steve is a tenor altino; the highest possible range of male singers. The song Mother-Father (video) live in Houston Texas, Escape Tour 1981 … that video showcases Perry’s vocal capabilities! The end will blow your doors off — and it is not falsetto, but full male soprano range. Faithfully … Steve Perry hit a solid F5 at the very end; Arnel toppled under the weight of that note and tired out, ending on a moan.

  35. What I wouldn’t give to see Neal, Gregg, Smitty, Steve and Ross on stage — even if it is a month long tour. I would fly to the ends of the earth to hear the juxtaposition of Perry’s and Rolie’s co-lead vocals; thought not the same as back then, I am sure, but so what? Rolie has smoothest, most mellow-with-an-edge, Black Magic voice! Dare I say better than sex — but not chocolate! Some of you may be asking, “Gregg Rolie who?” Those in the know, know who I mean!

  36. People say Arnel Pineda is a Steve Perry vocal dead ringer — or a vocal clone, which he is not by any stretch of the imagination. He has also covered Led Zeppelin, and poorly, and he is certainly no Robert Plant. Arnel Pineda has the ability to closely IMITATE. If one speaks 5 languages and has a parrot that repeats what it hears about the house, does it mean the parrot can also speak 5 languages?

  37. jEM

    I agree, he can imitate Steve but he sings with no emotion in his voice…the thing that made Steve unique was that he sang the songs with real feeling and emotion… Arnel is a good singer but i think everyone is just fed up of the fact that Neal Schon hates Steve Perry but keeps selecting clones of him….Journey needs to find a singer that has his own voice and style and leave Steve Perry's memory alone….They need to follow the example of Van Halen who replaced David Lee Roth with Sammy Hagar, who sounded completely different and made his own hits with the band!

  38. jay

    pinoy mongoloid bad clone steve perry the new journey band is desperate has been band lets get an elvis impersonator the public will like it new journey band sucks

  39. Terri

    Well that is just down right stealing someone else fame and voice..He needs to do his own thing and start out from the bottom just like all the rest of the stars do..don’t ride on the back of someone so loved..just how could you do is a horrible thing to should get your own style and try to make it work,,not be a Steve Perry wanna be..that’s just rude..besides YOU will never Be STEVE or even come close to his love he puts into his songs. When he sings you can just feel his emotions and it feels like your the one he is singing to..That is talent..I saw you on the Oprah Winfrey show when you performed and you got the tone down pretty good but not the look in the eyes that he has when Steve sings..That is truly from the heart no doubt..and that is why his fans love him so..he really gives his heart and soul to us and when we leave his concerts we are on top of the world for days (Big Smile) so get youR own style and quit trying to steel Steve’s. Also get your own life and career and leave Steve and his songs ALONE.,,!!!!!

  40. Terri

    oh and P.S. Get the hell out of Steve’s is an insult. You’ll never be him so stop it you wanna be..Your just a mooch..

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