The New Kelly Clarkson Video: The Overgrown Foliage Is A Metaphor, You See

My ears pricked up toward the end–from “Since You Been Gone” to “Walk Away,” the woman knows how to work over a tight bridge–but mostly the MOR snooze of “Don’t Waste Your Time” is a pretty obvious excuse to create Kelly’s ornate summer-job-at-the-Ren-Faire/dark-fantasy-novel-about-unicorns-and-princesses daydreams on screen, with the living creeper vines and corny CGI castles and flowling black and red goth dresses and the Sleeping Beauty canopy bed and the candelabras, and whatnot. Our “pals” at Stereogum compare it to Evanescence like that’s a bad thing, making me wish the song was actually, you know, better so I could get all protective/defensive over KC rather than just wishing her rock was a little less rote here.

Kelly Clarkson – “Don’t Waste Your Time” [YouTube]