Radiohead to Release MP3s of ‘In Rainbows’ at 160KBps

oink.jpgIs Radiohead’s plan to send out the MP3s of In Rainbows at 160KBps tomorrow the band’s way of trying to keep the album away from the too-cutesy-for-its-own-good BitTerrorist hub OiNK, which has guidelines that require all posted audio files to be encoded at 192KBps or higher? (I am really, really hoping that the answer is “yes,” if only to send the self-satisfied kids over there into snit fits.) [Vulture]

  • brainchild

    hahahaha awesome.

  • Catbirdseat

    Something tells me that Oink will just make an exception in this case. End of story.

  • Ned Raggett

    UTTERLY awesome. I hope it’s true.

  • AL

    you know it will show up there anyway…

  • The Mozfather

    Yeah, I don’t think it’s such a huge deal. It will be all over the Internet the instant it hits, so the fact that one torrent site may not carry it has little incentive for them. Soulseek, Limewire, The Pirate Bay, every other torrent site, mp3 blogs – it will be pretty easy to get.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I seem to recall Oink not allowing mp3 files that were readily available from other sources on the internet. This, of course, means that they’ll be flooded with the dreaded “transcodes” of the mp3s. It makes me sad to think that the self-esteem of these people is so dependent on being the first person to share a new release on Oink or Demonoid.

    On the other hand, while Oink doesn’t allow recordings from FM or cassette, they seem more than happy to allow rips of bootleg CDs made from these very same sources, so what the hell do I know?

  • motoraway

    I’d like to think the reason behind the 160KBps has more do with the fact that it will still force a good number, not even 1/4, to purchase the album. 160KBps sounds like ass no matter how you slice it.

  • loudersoft

    hopping on this theory, will seed 234:1

  • CloudCarrier

    Or even worse, someone will burn a copy of the 160kbps version, only to re-rip it at 320kbps. Just wait and see!

  • Catbirdseat

    @motoraway: It doesn’t *force* anything… all that needs to happen is the same thing that happens every day already: one guy getting a CD, then ripping it at 192/320/whatever, and then uploading it for everyone else in the world to download.

  • Catbirdseat

    And as to the “it will just get transcoded!” theories: why would people bother, when EVERYONE knows that it’s only the 160k version being released into the wild?

    I’m telling you, Oink will just post a news item saying they’re making an exception for this release, and that the 160k version will be allowed. That’s it.

  • loudersoft

    @CloudCarrier: i think that would meet the standard for “transcoded” but maybe i’m just spitting tech terms thinking i sound smart.

  • Halfwit

    Dammit! Kinda wished I’d know’d this before I plunk’d down fair market value…

  • Mary

    It just means that someone who purchases it on CD will rip it and upload it.

  • dana danger

    @loudersoft: I think that is indeed what transcoded means. But that doesn’t mean 34213502 torrents of it aren’t going to be uploaded, then deleted. Snit fits (cute, Maura!) all over, I predict.

  • Lucas Jensen

    But what no one is saying is WHY would you ever bother downloading it from Oink when the band is giving it you for free themselves. That’s the beauty of their model. There is no need for Soulseek, Oink, or any of it. It comes directly from them. Until Dec. 3 we won’t even have a CD version.

  • mackro

    Maybe 160kbps was a compromise between something that sounds much better than 128kbps, and something that will allow people to actually get some chance at bandwidth to download the damn thing.

  • mackro

    If it turned out that 192 would mean overload for the servers, then this would seem to be more of a “disaster” than the dumb “BFD” that this is 160 will ever be.

    That said, if this turns out to be a server meltdown at 160kbps anyway, it will be a disaster nonetheless. Then Trent will analyze this, and the ball will learn from the last one each time, etc.

  • mackro

    also, Oink = Lord Of The Flies for britindiekids.

  • CliveDobbs

    @bbernardini: Yeah, I could have pretty much guaranteed that. OiNK is a jealous God.

  • Anonymous

    This just in…Oink has declared that “In Rainbows” is not to be shared, unless it is absolutely, positively not a transcode. I also noticed that somebody in the forum cancelled his/her/its order because of the bitrate.