Radiohead’s <i>In Rainbows</i> Profits: The Rich Get Richer?

inrainbowssssss.jpgThom and Co. have never exactly flaunted their wealth, being art-rockers in it for the art-rock, but with this whole crazy non-SoundScan-reporting, pay-what-you-will Internet release thing, everyone’s curious about just how many “copies” have been sold and just how much the band will be netting from sales of In Rainbows. According to (we stress) rumors at Gigwise, it could be a lot:

A poll of in excess of 3,000 people on a Record of the Day website has found that the average price a Radiohead fan paid for a copy of ‘In Rainbows’ was £4.

Corroborated with our exclusive that the Oxford band shifted 1.2million copies of the album – thanks to inside knowledge of a source close to the band – it means that Radiohead could have potentially earned a massive £4.8million from the album already!

Not that we shouldn’t trust an informal poll multipled by “exclusive” uncorroborated sales figures, but if the actual number comes out to be £4.8 million (or more) before the physical copies even hit the stores, I guess a “mazel tov” is in order?

Radiohead Net 4.8 Million Pounds For “In Rainbows” [Gigwise]

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