The Best Mousse-Shilling Song You’ll Hear All Day

Oct 18th, 2007 // 1 Comment

Recently spotted on MTV2: an ad with a soundtrack that absolutely leapt out at me, in large part because it sounded as if it had been concocted by some cunning songwriter who’d heard Lionel Vinyl’s mash-up of Jet and Girls Aloud* and decided to rework its formula–bratty, girly vocals, glammy guitars–into a song of its own. I actually rewound the ad five or six times just to pick out the lyrics, in the name of “research.”

As it turns out, the song’s “No Sleep Tonight” by the now-defunct UK trio The Faders, not to be confused with the Levi’s-hoarding magazine of the same name. “No Sleep Tonight” was a modest hit on the UK singles chart when it came out in 2005, and it’s apparently been used as a backing track on a lot of other ads and TV shows that I don’t watch and an episode of Veronica Mars that I guess I missed back when it first aired. Anyway, this song is a lot of fun, and it’s doing quite a nice job of making me forget all about that Black Kids song I listened to this morning. (Really, Best New Music? For that? Is rewriting Madness’ “Our House” and slapping “sloppy” indie-rock vocals on it what passes for “impressive” in the blog-rock hothouse these days?)

The faders- No Sleep Tonight [YouTube]

* Still completely worthy of an around-the-home-office dance party!


  1. KinetiQ

    Yeah, whenever I feel all “me horny, you sexual object” two of my friends and I grab someone and drag them around by their feet. You’ve gotta corner em in the bathroom first though. It’s totally never creepy.

    To quoth the Tap: “It’s such a fine line between stupid, and clever. “

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