Chaos at Miley Cyrus Concert

Oct 19th, 2007 // 1 Comment

hannah.jpgThe most important tour of the year kicked off last night, and commenter Revmatty witnessed the chaos: “I work in the building next to ScottTrade Center. Thousands of soccer moms from the county in their super-sized SUV’s clogging up traffic and almost paralyzed with fear because they are all afraid of driving in the city (because they might come into contact with a black person). The kids ranged from 5-12 and the moms all headed straight for the bar (Chaperones were not required to have tickets to the show, but they couldn’t go into the seating area and instead had to wait in the bar/restaurant area from 5.30 to concert end (9.30?). I haven’t checked the news but I’m guessing there were at least dozens of fender benders coming out of the parking garage. Of course, they had enough trouble driving into the garage sober, so leaving must have been a clusterfuck of mammoth proportions. So glad it’s over…” [Comments]

  1. Anonymous

    can’t really blame the moms for wanting to get a load on. i think it’s take a few gallons of vodka to survive that sugar-coated tripe-fest.

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