CMJ: We Keep Missing Life-Changing Performances, Free Food, Pregnant Chicks

Oct 19th, 2007 // 1 Comment

- At least we got to download some Simian Mobile Disco songs to make up for the fact that we keep missing them. [Disco Nap]
- Here are some songs by New York hippies Yeasayer, the other band we missed yesterday and a group whose “avant garde qualities did not diminish their accessibility,” which means those funny keyboard noises thankfully don’t add or subtract too much from the kids’ enjoyment of their indie rocking. [UberDrivel]

- Finally, the secret appeal of Black Kids revealed: it’s a pregancy fetish thing. [musicmattersman]
- Apparently a live performance by M.I.A. induces spontaneous orgasm, turns water into wine, locates missing socks, and performs sundry other miracles. [The Sky Report]
- Free bagels might have actually made sitting through Vampire Weekend worth it. [Fader]
- Deerhunter: Slightly less annoying than usual. (Actually that’s not what we heard at all.) [Spinner]

  1. bcapirigi

    the thing is the MIA show kind of was that good, although i personally wouldn’t have used so many exclamation points. the only thing he didn’t mention is when she called the girls in the audience to come onstage for Bird Flu, and then a bunch of guys got onstage, and then all of a sudden 72500 people were on stage and it looked cool or whatever, but then when it was over and she wanted everybody to get off stage about 72480 of those people whipped out their camera phones to take pictures of themselves on stage for 20 minutes. that was kind of annoying.

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