Tegan And Sara Hop On The Couch

Oct 22nd, 2007 // 6 Comments

Tegan and Sara’s The Con is one of those albums from this year that I keep going back to; their transformation to new-wavey power duo has caused their songwriting to get stronger, and their hooks to get glued to the outer reaches of my brain more and more by the day. (If you can listen to “Back In Your Head” and not have its simple piano line Velcroed to your consciousness, you either never got “Chopsticks” stuck in your head or you’re suffering from an earwax issue.) The plot for the title track’s video seems like it was lifted from one of the Quin sisters’ dream journals–an entry that, since it was marked by a shrink falling asleep/keeling over dead, no doubt resulted in more weird dreams/talk therapy–but the song’s insistently sinuous, and it’s definitely one of the highest points of an album that’s full of them.

The Con – Tegan & Sara [YouTube]
Tegan and Sara [MySpace]

  1. zaky

    Three things:

    Mullets are hideous.

    That video sucks.

    I will forgive them for both.

  2. Cloaca

    “Take your ass to the barber shop/Tell the barber that you’re sick of looking like an asshole. Cut the mullet…”

    Oh how I miss you Wesley.

  3. Matthew Perpetua

    I really don’t get why this band gets so much hatred. Well, I guess it’s not that shocking given how hostile the entire indie world has become for female musicians.

  4. SuperAdge

    I don’t think it’s a female musician backlash, per say, I just think this band is really overhyped… they fit the bill for Jess’s article on blog-indie-band-love overkill.

  5. TheMojoPin

    It’s a nice song, but in a real, “oh, hey, Kelly Clarkson stumbled onto something catchy”-kinda way. If they weren’t lesbian twins with horrible haircuts, they wouldn’t have a shred of cred.

  6. Anonymous

    @TheMojoPin and @SuperAdge: Do Tegan & Sara really have that much cred/blog hype? I mean, theirs is a fanbase that loudly and insistently requests “Living Room” at every show. I don’t think of them as overhyped in the least–at least, not through the channels that have been discussed at length.

    Also, TheMojoPin, aside from your choice of the pejorative “stumbled” I don’t really disagree with your assessment of the song–and I really like it.

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