Heading Back Inside Steven Tyler: This Clip Would Have Made Ninth-Grade Biology So Much More Tolerable

Oct 22nd, 2007 // 2 Comments

As teased here Friday, Steven Tyler appeared on the National Geographic Channel’s Incredible Human Machine last night, and the results were pretty incredible, in a “holy crap, all those tendons and goo are inside me, too” sort of way. Actually, what’s even more amazing to watch is the first half of the clip, during which the wizened Aerosmith singer’s inflamed blood vessels in his voicebox–the rupturing of one forced the postponment of some tour dates last year–get zapped away by a laser in such a zippy way, I seriously thought I was watching someone play around with Photoshop at first.


  1. Trackback

    Our buds over at Idolator have posted a fascinating video from National Geographic’s Incredible Human Machine TV show, featuring in-throat video of recent surgery performed on the Aerosmith singer’s vocal chords.

  2. Faster

    wow. his throat looks like a vagina. a singing vagina. maybe we really are what we eat?

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