The Pack Proves Neon Purple Is More Rad Than Sepia

Oct 23rd, 2007 // 3 Comments

Seeing the Pack wow a crowd of emo kids at CMJ…well, once again it just made us wonder why the Bay Area rap group isn’t huge among America’s mallgoing young people. But if “Vans” was the great crossover hit of 2006 (that never actually took off), “In My Car” might actually blow if it makes it to TRL; it’s even got a dumbawesome Soulja Boy-style dance! So thank goodness it’s the first single from the group’s debut album Based Boys, rather than this clip for (the still pretty killer) “Swear They Do,” which has no silly dance:

Everyone wants to live in a world that’s purple and sparkly and full of Windows Movie Maker effects, but who wants to live in a moody, dirt brown world with beats by the drummer from Blink 182? Actually that “Paul Revere”-style reversed drum loop that T.Bark occasionally drops into his off brand snap track is pretty hot.

The Pack – “In My Car” [YouTube]
The Pack – “Swear They Do” [YouTube via ProHipHop]

  1. Christopher R. Weingarten


  2. Cos

    Does this remind anyone (esp in the Bay Area) of RBL Posse’s “Bammer Joint”?

  3. Trackback

    Featuring Lil B from The Pack, Eddie Rap Life, Philosopher and Terry Kennedy (produced by Travis Barker). Yeah, it’s more Pack-related ish but don’t front, this is f-cking CRAZY!

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