Radiohead to Avoid Major Labels

Oct 23rd, 2007 // 4 Comments

inrainbows1.gifMore details on the physical release of In Rainbows, which is set for next year and which will shun major labels entirely sort of: The band will reportedly license the album to ATO Recordings in the U.S. and XL Recordings outside of the States; the labels will be licensed the album for a set period of time, with Radiohead retaining ownership of the recording itself. [NYT]

  1. horkles

    Well, ATO distributes through Sony BMG, so it’s not like it’s an indie label or anything.

  2. Marth

    You mean the same ATO that put copy protection on the last My Morning Jacket album so I couldn’t listen to it on my computer or put it on my iPod? Awesome.

    (Granted, they were kind enough to send me a non-protected copy of the CD after I sent the first one back to them. I know that made me kind of a jerk, but props to them for manning up and doing something about it.)

    (And, granted, that fiasco was more Sony BMG’s fault than ATO’s, but still…)

  3. Chris Molanphy

    “Don’t Drink the Treefingers.”

  4. Anonymous

    so maybe radiohead should go with a true indie label that would lose an assload of cash on releasing the physical cd? why even bother at that point? they’ve still got to deal with some entity that has the means and methods to put the physical disc in as many stores as possible.

    i dunno what the answer is here, much like everyone else. i’m just glad they’re still making decent music…delivery methods be damned.

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