Iggy Pop’s Racist Remark: Finally Something More Offensive Than Being Photographed With Donatella Versace

Oct 23rd, 2007 // 8 Comments

iggyidiot.jpgMr. Stooge recently caused some Brits to get their knickers in a twist when he casually dropped a bit of old-school racism while under the glare of the TV Eye.

During a live BBC2 interview, Pop recounted an anecdote about visiting “Paki shops” in Camden.

The BBC issued an on-air apology the following day but broadcasting watchdog Ofcom received two complaints from viewers about the incident.

For its part, the BBC said that Ig didn’t know that Britain’s homegrown racists no longer threw around the word “Paki” in “polite usage,” saving it for pub talk and Parliament meetings, and that Pop “has a built-in content advisory warning.”

BBC Criticised For Iggy Pop’s Racist Remark [NME]


  1. Jack Fear

    Oh, come on. It’s not like Iggy is a head of state

  2. natepatrin

    I don’t see what the big deal is, they talk about Packy shops all the time in Massachusetts.


  3. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    “Seal clubbing, we’re seal clubbing…

    …we love us some pelts.”

    Come on, people. It’s not like we didn’t see this coming. Iggy is an insensitve bastard.

  4. FionaScrapple

    Fantastically overrated, bi-sexual drug fiends can say whatever they want. See John, Elton.

  5. Paul D

    What the hell is a “paki” and why is it racist?

  6. Diglett

    @natepatrin: When I lived in Mass, the first time I heard that I flipped a lid, thinking they were in fact saying “Paki”. I’m still not convinced there wasn’t a clever invention of the word “package store” at some point in the 1980s or something.

  7. dippinkind

    @Paul D: it’s short for Pakistani, which wouldnt necessarily seem any more racist than shortening British to “Brits”, except that (to wikiquote) In modern British usage “Paki” is typically used in a derogatory way as a label for all South Asians, including Indians, Afghans and Bangladeshis. To a lesser extent, the term has been applied as a racial slur towards Arabs and other Middle Eastern-looking groups who may resemble South Asians.

  8. Cloaca

    That’s so punk.

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