The Internet Squeals Like A Pig As OiNK Turns Into Bacon

Oct 23rd, 2007 // 17 Comments

Reactions to the shutdown of BitTerrorist haven OiNK have come in swiftly from around the blogosphere, and they’re exhibitng the restraint and candor the Internet is known for:

• “Sorry if this has already been posted, but I’m following the San Diego fires right now, and this is just another devastation right on top of it.” [Oh No They Didn't]
• “Now that OiNK is gone, where shall we get our pre-release fix? Where can we so easily unearth new bands to hype?” [I Guess I'm Floating]

• “In fact, as we often mentioned, if you were an international law enforcement agency or a record company spook seeking to create the world’s greatest filesharing entrapment scheme, you probably couldn’t have done much better than Oink. Let the conspiracy theories begin.” [On The Download]
• “Now, 180,000 users won’t be able to spread those great new bands to their friends, and people will stop buying CDs and the record industry will die just like it was going to all along. Thanks a lot, you fucking pigs.” [Sam @ BrooklynVegan]

Thankfully, there are some people out there who are optimistic:

• “Can’t be long before the code for running your own OiNK pops up somewhere, right? We can have an informal meetup/support group somewhere. Just pick a bar in the comments and we’ll plan.” [Stereogum]
• “RIP until the next one comes around. There will always be another one.” [MetaFilter]

Surely this is going to get even more entertaining as the day goes on, right? I might have to do another post on this later, although it’ll be hard to beat that San Diego fire comment.

  1. Lucas Jensen

    That first quote is insane. I’m sorry, loss of homes and life > loss of OiNK.

  2. Woodwater

    Goooood ridance. Those music hackers have been at it for far too long.

    I wasn’t part of that site at all. Totally against it….

    You hear that IPFI? Wasn’t part of the site at all. No need to check the records. You can trust me on this.


    *looks over shoulder*

  3. Al Shipley

    I wonder if any of these people registered the same sadness and outrage when their local independent record store went out of business.

  4. twenty-four hour priapism

    Here’s what the front page of currently says:

    “This site has been closed as a result of a criminal investigation by IFPI, BPI, Cleveland Police and the Fiscal Investigation Unit of the Dutch Police (FIOD ECD) into suspected illegal music distribution.

    A criminal investigation continues into the identities and activities of the site’s users.”


  5. King of Pants

    The San Diego fire comment has to be satire. Otherwise, there will be blood.

    The BrooklynVegan comment is inane enough to inspire rage, but not enough to inspire anything more than that.

  6. Anonymous

    Yeah, the Brooklyn Vegan claim of “people will stop buying CDs” is pretty hilarious on several levels.

  7. The Van Buren Boys

    The sense of entitlement from some of these people is staggering. Especially the douche from BrooklynVegan saying that no one will buy records anymore. I have never used Oink. Hell, I’ve never even downloaded a torrent before. I still buy more records than everyone else I know combined. NEWSFLASH: When you download an album online without paying for it, it is stealing. Stop bitching.

  8. Jon W

    The Brooklyn Vegan and its commenters are notoriously-entitled — anyone remember the 77BOADRUM temper tantrums?

  9. byebyepride

    lock em up and throw away the key. Not for the stealing, just for liking the shit indie music…

  10. janine

    Oh, and my personal fav comments:

    “I was and will forever be a proud Oink user. I give a fuck not what the police a.k.a. “the man” or anybody says. I will get my music for free from some other site. They can’t stop all sites or any. This is a mere thorn in the side of internet music downloaders. Oink was the best because it was for the audiophile and it was very ecletic. BUT WHATEVER I DO WHAT I WANT. THEY CAN’T DO SHIT THEY CAN NEVER PROVE WHO IS BEHIND THE COMPUTER SCREEN. THEY CAN NEVER PROVE WHO WAS DOWNLOADING OR UPLOADING. SO EAT A DICK YOU LIMEYS.”


    “Um you sing on stage every night. Guess what, you have the best job in the world, you don’t deserve to get paid a lot of money. Plenty of people do it just for fun, if you make enough to eat, shut up. All that “I worked hard to get here” is bullshit. You worked hard to be on a bigger stage, and you worked hard at having a good time playing music. If it’s such hard work, stop doing it. Plenty of people do it just for fun, let them become famous.

    If you do anything that benefits society (teachers, human rights workers, firemen, political activists) for your money, you deserve to keep it. Let the bankers and concert goers pay for sufjan steven’s new costume or the arcade fire’s newest americana instrument player.”

  11. Anonymous

    I used OiNK to discover new music that wasn’t offered on Rhapsody. 9 out of 10 times if I liked the album, I bought it. I also used OiNK to find albums that are out of print, because the same people who want OiNK shut-down don’t give a shit about the albums they made long ago that don’t sell well. This whole thing is about scaring consumers into not downloading music.

  12. dippinkind

    when i was in grade school i thought i’d found an exciting new way to discover new candies and spread those great new snacks to my friends until a bunch a Laffy Taffies fell out of my sleeve on my way out of the Ben Franklin store and I was quickly hipped to the fact that stealing is illegal, and generally frowned upon. And then, of course, I no longer had any way to discover new candies, stopped buying them, and the candy industry collapsed.

  13. Jess Harvell

    @dippinkind: An extra 1,000,000 points for the Ben Franklin store reference.

  14. Lucas Jensen

    @janine: Wow. That bottom quote is just fantastic. Particularly because dude doesn’t know how much firefighters or teachers or human rights workers get paid (not a lot). I’m sure they’re happy to “keep” their money, what little of it they do make.

  15. King of Pants

    @janine: You know, there was once upon a time when people thought access to the Internet would open their minds and make them brilliant.

    But no. Those two comments are just. Fucking. Stupid. They’re stupid words, typed in by a stupid person. Just stupid beyond belief. I…okay, I’m getting depressed now.

    What’s REALLY depressing, though, is that these people would most likely denounce other people as stupid. Okay, putting keyboard down before I get really depressed.

  16. Trackback

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