OiNK Survivors Get By With A Little Help From Their Friends

johnjohn.jpgOiNK has been down less than a day and the displaced and distraught are already coming together to begin the healing process and offer some solace to each other in this time of need. And we’re not sure which is funnier: the parody site or the real thing.

The OiNK.CD Memorial Museum And News looks to already be your one-stop for OiNK-related LOLz, with YTMND links, pics, video, and an interview with a young man spearheading an OiNK suicide pact:

OiNK News: What kind of music did you download on OiNK that you can’t find anywhere else.
FrmrOiNKr: To be honest I’m not sure. i don’t really like music anyway. I just liked being to brag about my high ratio. But I did like that song from that 4 year old french kid Jordy.

On the other hand, there’s the OiNK’s Pink Palace Memorial Forum, which seems to be a legit place for former OiNK users to cry, and they’re planning a special tribute tonight:

At Midnight EST tonght, take your beverage of choice, raise it up in the air, say “OiNK” and drink.

I’ll go you one better, kids. I’m raising a beer to OiNK right now, because this bust has provided me with more amusement in eight hours than anything else has this month. Including the In Rainbows hype!

OiNK.CD Memorial Museum And News [Hilarious Official Site]
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