Pig Destroyer Grinds Our Tuesday Afternoon Away

Oct 23rd, 2007 // 7 Comments

I’ve actually spent the whole afternoon listening to Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend, but Maura said I could post whatever “completely inaccessible music” I wanted today. So here’s Pig Destroyer’s newish single “Loathsome,” which is actually fairly accessible as far as grindcore goes. If you care at all about metal, you should already own this year’s Phantom Limb, and if you don’t care at all about metal, well, what’s your damage? (You know, thinking about it I can’t believe I didn’t use a “pig destroyer” pun in an OiNK headline today.)

Pig Destroyer – “Loathsome” [YouTube]


  1. Anonymous

    I never noticed this until I watched the video, mainly because I’ve listened to the album pretty much exclusively all the way through, but “Loathsome” is (while great) pretty long for a grind song.

  2. Julio Allison

    Matthew Sweet? Really? Idolator suddenly feels like the herbal tea-sipping, hummus-eating, Hornby-reading dorky older brother with college-radio-grade taste in music that I never had — whom, now that I have, I never really actually want to hang out with because he’s kind of old and boring.

  3. Maura Johnston

    @KingHater: Hornby-reading?? Bite your tongue.

  4. Axl Rosenberg

    Pig Destroyer are the tits.

  5. Jess Harvell

    @KingHater: I will not stand for anyone defaming hummus. That stuff’s delicious.

  6. Anonymous Communist

    What purpose does the keyboard “player” serve in this video? Is he like the son of the band’s business manager or something?

  7. Julio Allison


    I DEFAME HUMMUS — and defy the insolent Baba Ghanoush!

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