OiNK Reactions Day Two: A Contradictory, Self-Selected Nation Mourns

Oct 24th, 2007 // 12 Comments

oinky.gifReactions to the shutdown of BitTerrorist haven OiNK are still pouring into Google and RSS readers everywhere. And while there are still plenty of hilarious overreactions, we’re also starting to see something like informed, reasoned commentary on the bust. Plus a lot of sighing and wondering whither next:

The Sensible

• “Oink didn’t offer solutions; it highlighted the problems of over-priced, over-controlled music elsewhere. Oink was an online paradise for music fans. The only people who could truly be mad at it were the ones directly profiting from the sale of digital or physical music. (Like myself! F%5k!)” [Mudd Up!]

The Slightly More Dramatic

• “I have very firm stand about the insistence of the music industry to desperately implement copyright issues in a world that has already changed. The music industry should change its old, and obviously outdated practice and begin to change with the times. Oink, you will be forever remembered.” [Have Laptop Will Travel]

The Oh-Come-On-Already

• “Don’t get me wrong for the title of this post, I don’t think that OiNK’s administrator is a pirate, but I definitely believe that the IFPI is worse than those bastards that charge for the distribution of copyrighted material. They’ve managed to hijack OiNK’s website, to put on their propaganda, and all of this without ANY real legal base. Is this an ethic behavior?” [Leo Lambertini from a post entitled "IFPI Is Worse Than Pirates" and just slightly worse than copyright holders apparenty]

• “I woke up to find some very bad news today. Oink.cd, arguably one of the most loved and most comprehensive music tracker on earth was shut down by the Establishment just a few hours ago. October 23, 2007 will now live in infamy as the day when the haven for people who actually have good music tastes was effectively closed. This leaves thousands of music aficionados homeless.” [Indie Music Chatter]

• “1. A cute avatar is a must. In the spirit of the old site, It’d be really sweet if everyone could keep the cute avatars up.” [OiNK's Pink Palace Memorial Forum where you must now sadly register to get to the really weepy posts]

• “I will miss OiNK a lot and i wish ‘OiNK’ (the person) whatever his real name is the the best of luck in defending himself against the bunch of lies they will change him with!
“First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win” Mahatma Gandhi [Releaselog]

(It’s the Gandhi quote that really puts it over the top.)

  1. brainchild

    This whole thing sickens me… and not the fact that Oink got shut down, but the fact that a lot of people are extremely angry that they are going to have to work a little harder for the next few weeks to illegally obtain music.

    Do they realize just how dumb they sound?

  2. Maura Johnston

    @brainchild: It’s the Internet. Of course not.

  3. brainchild

    @maura: i keep forgetting. ugh. where’s that killer comet Jess spoke of in that other post?

  4. troybulldogs21

    @brainchild: Oink was more than just free music. It was sort of like those communes that sprang up for hippies, but free love and drugs was free really high bitrate music, with a side of feeling social on the expansive message boards for people who don’t actually have friends with similar music tastes. You can kind of see that on the new message boards where people are shouting out to other “hardcore” or “electronic/dance” users, and that’s why people miss OiNK more than they thought they would.

  5. Hallux Valgus

    I have never used Oink, nor cared about the possibility of using Oink, but after reading all the comments from outraged music nerds who feel justify illegal downloading by blaming some nameless faceless “music industry,” I now really fucking hate Oink.

  6. bedpan

    @Big Money, No Whammies: no kidding. it’s like saying stealing from all stores is alright, because wal-mart is bad. sigh. the whole thing is just so… overwhelmingly frustrating and annoying.

  7. beta.rogan

    Not just stores, but look at it in the context of other art forms. People don’t expect to be able to go into a gallery and lift that painting or picture or whatever off the wall and walk out with it for free, yet they consider this perfectly ok to do with music. Music is an art form, regardless of what the cheap bastards who illegally DL music seem to think, and the artists deserve to be paid. Sure the industry is in a state of serious upheaval, but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to steal from your “favorite” artists because you don’t like their gallery rep. (effectively)

  8. busdriverstu

    @beta.rogan: Someone needs to review the differences between theft and copyright infringement.

  9. Anonymous

    All of the comments fromt the past two days have proved to me that the only people with negative things to say about OiNK or OiNK users are people who were never invited to be part of the community.

  10. sparkletone

    People don’t expect to be able to go into a gallery and lift that painting or picture or whatever off the wall and walk out with it for free.

    Like many, many such analogies, this one is broken: People in a gallery get to look at the picture as much as they want, in perfect quality no less!, and decide whether or not they want to pay for it. They can also just look a few times, admire the beauty (or not-beauty) and walk away.

    At the very least, they’ve paid a small entrance fee to get into the gallery, but I bet there are plenty of free galleries out there too.

  11. Anonymous

    OiNK may have been overly smug and self-satisfied in its indieness, but I loved it for another reason; it was the best repository of classical music torrents I’ve yet been able to find. Other than string quartet versions of popular rock songs and “Best of” releases, which don’t interest me, the only classical music on mainstream torrent sites is in giant, poorly-annotated (and generally poorly-ripped) collections. While OiNK’s selection wasn’t terrific, the music it did have was fastidiously tagged and ripped. If your ratio could take it, you could even get the FLAC versions, which makes a big difference when you are listening to artifact-prone piano music.

    All in all, I am sad for OiNK’s demise, although not as sad as I will be if I am threatened with a lawsuit by the RIAAssholes; with respect to the importance of scene releases in this investigation, the worrisome thing with OiNK is that many who wouldn’t otherwise be interested in scene releases would still download and seed those hot torrents to increase their ratios.

  12. bburl

    All the yahoo poop dropping on distraught p2pers comes from the fact that you openly dismiss and hurl scorn on the anti-copyright arguements. And believe it or not, there are some highly educated intellegent people who see intellectual property as a social hinderance that harms innovation and creativity. I don’t care whether you agree with the arguments, but the fact that a valid philosophical/moral position doesn’t even register shows either profound laziness or profound arrogance. But heh, scorn is fun and making readers feel all superior over the bt idiots who think file sharing isn’t stealing, at least not like stealing property, is also good for business.

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