Geriatric British Bands Shame CMJ Blog-Hype Types

Oct 24th, 2007 // 7 Comments

I’m running the risk of sounding like a jerk pining for music he missed by decades, but if there’s anything that says “indie rock step your game up,” it’s this capsule history of British youth movements–the mods, teddy boys, and others–that’s blessed with some awesome period footage. Look, people are even dancing! Sasha Frere-Jones was right! As a perennial sucker for rock’n'roll when it sounds like amphetamines are involved–i.e. when it’s short and fast and tightly wound–I especially dug on this clip of the Small Faces at the Marquee Club in 1966, “the only clip of the Small Faces playing live that is known to exist.”

Mods: Fire ‘N Skill [Youth Movements; HT: The Mozfather]


  1. The Mozfather

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! I also thought the same thing when I was watching it – “Holy crap – when was the last time I saw an indie band with this sort of electricity?

  2. Rob Murphy

    Jess, you may be too young to fully appreciate what you — and we — are enjoying up there. That’s Ronnie Lane on bass. Lane is one of those British Rockers from the late-60′s / early-70′s who was in practically every single “influential” [if not particularly well-known on this side of the pond] British rock band of those times. A later iteration of the Small Faces, called simply the Faces, featured Lane, Ron Wood [soon to join the Rolling Stones] and Rod Stewart, and produced their only U.S. hit, “Stay With Me”.

    Also playing in the clip above, although not seen [clearly], is drummer Kenney Jones. Jones joined The Who after the death of Keith Moon.

    Great stuff! Thanks for posting it!

  3. Mick Kraut

    I think the difference between then and now can be summed up this way.

    These guys werent looking to maintain their “indie credibility”…werent really looking for a record contract…they simply loved music and realized from watching the reaction to The Beatles that music would get them laid…

    Pure love of music and girls…rock and roll…amen…that purity will never be repeated…music is product now and has been since the mid 70s, sure you’ll get the occassional act that will cut through the fog, but they are separated by decades now…has there been any band that has replicated the impact of NIRVANA since 1991?

  4. NedRaggett

    Nice of you to join us, Mr. Fricke.

  5. J DTZR

    @Breliant: I thought Terry Reid was first choice for Led Zep

    But yeah, Small Faces rocked. Marriott had a great voice.

  6. Breliant

    I’m not entirely sure if he was 1st or 2nd (‘d have to check Hammer…) Jimmy’s people called Steve’s people who said “How would Jimmy like to play guitarwith 10 broken fingers?”

  7. Breliant

    Vocalist Steve Marriott went on to form Humble Pie with Pete Frampton and Ian Mac Macglagan went on to play with the Stones, Dylan, Bonnie Riatt, not Lenny Kravitz and presently Billy Bragg.
    I should be noted Steve was 1st choice over Robert Plant in Led Zep.

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