Colombian Radio Station Exposes The Sacred Heart Of Axl Rose

Oct 25th, 2007 // 8 Comments


Above, one of the new ads for the Bogota radio station Radioacktiva; the campaign also includes dollar-store-painting renditions of Mona Manson and Ché Cornell The joke about the second coming happening before Chinese Democracy‘s release date is too easy, right?

Where ROCK Lives Everlasting… [Copyranter]


  1. Dickdogfood

    Good gravy, if a radio station did that in this country, people would get shot.

  2. Dick Laurent is dead.

    I give it a week before it’s screenprinted on biker jackets- tops.

  3. Hallux Valgus

    I’ve got to get that airbrushed on the back of my van.

  4. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    I would kill for a black velvet Axl painting.

  5. K-milo

    Ahhh, good ol’ Radioactiva
    Actually this might be the best rock station of the country… It’s a shame we no longer have that station here @ Cali… I have a lot of good memories from them.

  6. scarletvirtue

    @Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee: That would be priceless. I’d hang it up alongside the velvet Elvis and the Dogs Playing Poker paintings. Truly Klassy with a K.

  7. Trackback

    … but so many of you still come here searching for leaks from the never-to-be-released Guns N’ Roses Axl N’ Roses album, here’s an actual billboard ad for the Bogota, Colombia radio station Radioacktiva. Exaggeration much?

  8. I agree with you and yes it absolutely about to help lot of people.

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