Scandinavian Dance Pop Terrorists Prepare Tactical Bubblegum Strikes Against Unsuspecting Nations

Oct 25th, 2007 // 6 Comments

In the wake of the Spice Girls reunion, two chirpy Euro units that once made the world a more joyful place–or a living hell, depending on how old you were at the time–are getting back together for tours that may or may not make it to the U.S.

According to this calendar update, it looks like the techno-pop Swedes in Ace Of Base embarking on a small jaunt after too long in cold storage. Unfortunately, it looks like you’ve got to book a flight to Russia and/or Eastern Europe to see them. Please come to America. Because I was wrong to hate you as an angry teenage boy in 1993. And that’s not all:

Aqua’s manager would neither confirm nor deny the reunion rumours, but MSN Gossip has got the information from several reliable sources that the band is slated to release a new CD and play 30 concerts next year. A greatest hits release is also reportedly on the way.

Aqua! In six years that video has become no less surreally enjoyable. Fingers crossed, because it would suck if we got Blind Melon and no “Barbie Girl” or “Mr Jones.” Also note this little tidbit lurking at the end of the Aqua story:

Sweden’s ABBA is still Scandinavia’s biggest-selling band ever, with Aqua, Icelands’ Björk and Norway’s A-ha as other Scandinavian bands that have had the most international success.

That’s not even counting Darkthrone or Rotterdam Termination Source! God bless you, Scandinavia.

Ace Of Base [Official Site; HT The Daily Swarm]
“Barbie Girl” Band To Reunite []


  1. Ned Raggett

    I am all for this.

  2. ascot-revival

    It really is a beautiful life.

  3. glenn mcdonald

    If by “international success” we mean charts or sales or something, rather than alphabetization, then I’d guess that Roxette come before any of those bands other than ABBA…

  4. the rich girls are weeping

    There are no words to express my glee. Usually, I hate reunions, but I waive that for Aqua and Ace of Bass. Seriously.

    Maybe we need to organize some sort of package tour to go see Ace of Bass in Russia. The IDOLATOR Scando-Pop Adventure!

  5. Vince Neilstein

    re: scandinavian artists reuniting this year, see also: at the gates, carcass.

  6. Twilly

    Wait wait….Aqua, Ace of Base, AND the Spice Girls. I just squealed outloud.

    I’m overflowing with joy. A joy not felt since I was in junior high wearing my new Abercrombie shirt with a pair of Silver flared jeans.

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