Let’s All Take A Deep Breath, And Dare To Be Stupid

Oct 25th, 2007 // 14 Comments

Holy crap! In all of this week’s arguments and snark and craziness I forgot to make the most important post of all–Alfred Matthew Yankovic turned a ripe ol’ 48 yesterday! Like many boys and girls my age who grew up into music geeks, Al was my first musical crush, and earlier this year he put one of the most entertaining (if exhausting) live shows I’ve seen in years. That’s more than 20 years of Al In My Life. Happy belated b-day, dude. Never stop recycling those Al TV clips for laffs.

Weird Al Yankovic – “Dare To Be Stupid” [YouTube]

  1. Marth

    I don’t know what the Indie Rules of Irony are in terms of whether or not one is allowed to like Weird Al in this day in age. But screw it. I love this man. I just don’t know half of the songs he spoofs anymore.

  2. Jack Fear

    Al is so much funnier when he’s goofing broadly on pop, rather than parodying a particular song (see also the palindromic Dylan pastiche “Bob”). I’ve loved this song for ages; the “I can’t hear you / Okay, I can hear you now” bit never gets old.

  3. dippinkind

    i remember being way too excited when i first saw this video on MTV – ohmygod someone’s doin a DEVO homage! plus it was a better Devo song than Devo themselves were putting out at that point… i gotta go put the UHF dvd onto my xmas wish list now.

  4. Cam/ron

    Despite his image as a music video clown, he’s actually a damn good accordian player. It’s hard to pin down his artisitic peak – maybe “Smells Like Nirvana”?

  5. Ned Raggett

    @dippinkind: I think Devo themselves said it was better! The ultimate praise! (And yeah, you need that DVD, everyone does.)

  6. Halfwit

    @Jack Fear: I think that’s the key to getting out of your early teens while still appreciating him. I’ve always found his style parodies to be better than the “Oh, I said ‘Fat’ instead of ‘Bad’” songs. And though they’re generally ignored, even his wholly original songs have suprising staying power.

  7. Chris N.

    I consider “One More Minute” Al’s ultimate achievement.

  8. Cam/ron

    @Halfwit: “I Think That You Don’t Love Me Anymore” is definitely timeless.

  9. Marth

    Part of me wonders what would happen if Al wrote and recorded a “serious” album. I mean, the guy clearly knows what he’s doing musically, and has chops to back up any idea he might have. Really, why not? It could easily be a trainwreck, but could you imagine if he pulled it off?

  10. Cos

    Favorite Weird Al line (in some blues-style parody):

    “Well I woke up this morning/then I went right back to bed”

  11. FionaScrapple

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Yankovic in Portland, ME on Halloween night, 98 (I think). I bought him a Jager, he drank it, and off I went. Cool dude!

  12. TheMojoPin

    Devo rightly gave this song its props. UHF 4 life.

  13. JustThisGuy

    @Marth: I think Weird Al’s original material (that is, the songs that amount to more than a clever game of mad libs) is serious. Ex: I see very little difference between Al, Malkmus, and John Ashbery.

    Actually, there are quite a few Pavement songs (“Stereo” comes to mind) that wouldn’t have sounded odd coming from Weird Al’s lips.

  14. JustThisGuy

    And of course, while I was rooting around youtube, I found this hilarious [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yz-grdpKVqg]little gem[/url] that seemed strangely apropos.

    Loved the ludicrously extreme lyrics.

    Loved the over-the-top martyrization at the end.

    Weird Al: bringing things back into perspective since 1981.

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