More Proof That URLs Do Not Make The Best Song Titles

Oct 25th, 2007 // 13 Comments

So in yesterday’s post about Soulja Boy–whose album, you may recall, has his official Web site’s URL as its title–one of our favorite commenters replied, “” Which could only remind me of one thing: the track “www.nevergetoveryou” by the Canadian cartoon act Prozzak, which got a fair amount of airplay on MuchMusic US back in the pre-Fuse days. I have an incredible amount of affection for this track because not only does it have a malformed URL as its title/hook, its chorus is punctuated by … the “new message” sound from ICQ! If only they’d remixed the track every time some new innovation in instant messaging had made its way out to the world.

Prozzak – www.nevergetoveryou [YouTube]
Prozzak [Official (mothballed) site]

  1. Woodwater


    Damn. you.

    Damn you to hell.

    Man, that was some bad shit. Wow.

  2. Al Shipley

    There was some really bad post-Prodigy late 90′s techno rock act that I remember having an album called, except, hilariously, they didn’t even have that domain registered and the official band site was some geocities-type shit. Anyone have any idea who I’m talking about? I can’t for the life of me remember their name.

  3. Al Shipley

    PITCHSCHIFTER! I remembered it literally less than 5 seconds after hitting ‘send’ on the last message.

  4. Chris N.

    In the same hall of shame: Alan Jackson’s “www.memory.” Dot what, Alan, dot what?

  5. Adam Bernard

    Trick Daddy pre-dated all of that w/ which had possibly the worst album cover ever:


  6. JustThisGuy

    @GovernmentNames: In Pitchshifter’s defense, their early heavy-as-sin industrial metal was both stupendous and apparently fairly influential. Chances are messrs. Howlett and Flint took more than a few cues from Pitchshifter’s era.

  7. Al Shipley

    @Adam Bernard: Nope! Pitchshifter got there 4 months before Trick.

  8. Al Shipley

    Also “Sucks To Be You” is the only Prozzak song I remember.

  9. JustThisGuy

    @Woodwater: Also: Prozzak was fucking great, dude. Don’t hate.

  10. DJP

    I don’t think I’ve thought about Prozzak in about 10 years. Wow.

    IT SUCKS TO BE YOU! (I know, I know…)

  11. Chris Molanphy

    Somebody should’ve told R. Kelly this rule back in 2000, before he named an album

  12. KinetiQ

    I have “Sucks to be You” on 12″ somewhere, featuring the radical DJBJ mix.
    Didn’t they have to use the name “Simon & Milo” in the states?

  13. drjayphd

    Terror Squad has you all trumped here:


    Although I’m not sure what’s worse: naming a song “www.that’” or the fact that is not only registered, but redirects to a seemingly-legit site: []

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