How Much Would You Pay For Kurt Cobain’s Decade-Old Ass Sweat?

Oct 25th, 2007 // Comment

kurdt.jpgIs a question posed by the NME as they run through “some of the strangest celebrity items to have been flogged online.”

1. Syd Barrett’s Christmas tree. The plastic decoration was sold for £800 after the Pink Floyd man’s death last year. The tinsel was thrown in for free.

2. A coat hanger that belonged to Elvis Presley. But this is not just any coat hanger, this is the ghoulish one used to hang up the suit The King was buried in. Sold for £7500, but like in most cheap sci-fi series anything touched by death means it’s probably an evil coat hanger now.

3. A chair Kurt Cobain sat in. Once owned by Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, it’s suggested his singer may have once sat down in this very chair – does that make it worth £7000 of anyone’s money though?

I might be willing to pay a fair bit if the impression of Cobain’s hinder was still in the chair cushion, in a “Virgin of Guadalupe in a tortilla” stylee.

Syd Barrett’s Christmas tree, yours for £800[NME]


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