AOL Gets Ready For A Round Of “Don’t Forget The (Potential Profitability Of) Lyrics”

Oct 26th, 2007 // Comment

dontforget.jpgIn the wake of laying off 2,000 people last week, AOL has decided to supplement its current music content with a lyrics offering powered by metadata provider Gracenote. (That’s the company that supplies many music-software packages with tracklisting info, for those of you who still burn CDs to get music on your computer.) The lyrics offering will, in the mind of one AOL executive, “capture people’s attention” the way that other music-related content on the site presumably hasn’t, although given the few ways that AOL is actually attracting eyeballs to its content these days, I’d think that unless those lyric offerings are accompanied by paparazzi shots and video of drunk girls being drunk–not to mention a high Google PageRank and The Singing Bee airing five times a night–this won’t be the traffic bonanza the beleaguered company is hoping it will.

AOL Plans Lyrics Offering, Taps Gracenote [Digital Music News]

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