Britney Spears Keeping Low Profile Before ‘Blackout’

Oct 26th, 2007 // 2 Comments

gimme.jpg“Whether Ms. Spears cooperates with traditional promotions for Blackout may end up a nonissue. When a music label sets up interviews and televised performances, the goal is to gain visibility for the singer ahead of the CD’s release. When it comes to typical promotional gambits such as appearances on late-night talk shows, there is little Jive could do to boost Ms. Spears’s profile significantly higher than it already is. ‘What’s she going to do?’ asks a person close to the label. ‘Play Kimmel?’ ” [WSJ]


  1. Halfwit

    Wow.. positive spin in action. Yes, appearing on Kimmel isn’t going to do a lot to raise her profile,but it will obviously go a long way towards demonstrating that she is not completely on the skids and that the music that she is asking the population to consume is not 12 tracks of emotional breakdown (and not the good, Fiona Appple kind of breakdown).

  2. DrSpaceman

    I love how the paparazzi recently asked her when her new album is coming out. “December!” she chirped. She’s only off by two months. They also asked what her next single was going to be. She told them “Sometimes” – which was the second single from her debut album back in 1999. To be fair, that’s probably the last album she remembers – not only was she unaware that she has an album coming out imminently, but she couldn’t even remember the name of it when quizzed by the paps.

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