The Beatles ‘Help!’ DVD Comes Out November

Oct 26th, 2007 // 3 Comments

help.jpgBeatles fanatics in desperate need of fresh trivia will be glad to hear that the special two-disc deluxe edition Help! DVD comes out Nov. 6. The set includes “extras such as a copy of director Richard Lester’s annotated script, lobby cards, poster and a 60-page booklet of photos and movie production notes,” and something that people might actually care about: “a fascinating 30-minute making-of documentary, extended interviews with cast and crew and audio excerpts from the Beatles during press conferences on film locations.” Wake me when the edition with the Ringo commentary track is released. [Chicago Sun-Times]

  1. King of Pants

    I hope it comes with meters depicting just how stoned out of their gourd each Beatle was during each particular scene.

  2. Lucas Jensen

    I was watching the Anthology again the other day, and, man, Ringo is really drunk during those interviews. He was also the best actor, btw, so I really would love that commentary track.

  3. Mary

    Excellent, I can finally replace the bootleg I got off eBay. The deluxe edition is a ripoff though…$95? I’ll opt for the $17 regular one, which also has the 2 DVDs, but none of the extras I would only look at once.

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