The Kurt Cobain Biopic: Does This Guy Know What He’s In For?

Oct 26th, 2007 // 14 Comments


Meet James McAvoy, the 28-year-old Scottish actor (he’s the lead in the film adaptation of Atonement) who, according to reports, has been tipped to play Kurt Cobain in the Courtney Love-sanctioned biopic of the iconic singer. I’m waiting for some sort of typo-ridden explanation/denial of this report will show up on Court’s blog within the next few hours or so, although I will say one thing: He’s definitely got the eyes for the part.

Cobain actor revealed? [Yahoo! Music]
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  1. Rabi

    Will Mary Kate Olsen play Courtney?

  2. Bigggnasty

    i really hope this movie helps remove ‘last days’ from my memory…

  3. Bigggnasty

    @Rabi: nope, but britney will.

  4. Chris Molanphy

    McAvoy was pretty good in Last King of Scotland, although it’s telling that he was perceived in the Oscar race as a “Supporting Actor” to Forest Whitaker, even though McAvoy was in virtually every scene in the movie. Anyway, eyes notwithstanding, I don’t get a Cobain vibe from the guy — no sense of hidden depths — but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  5. Moimeme

    It’s Mr. Tumnus!

  6. Ned Raggett

    Oh damn, you’re right!

  7. jetblackturd

    James McAvoy? Don’t be ridiculous. I always thought the one who sings and plays piano from Hanson should play Kurt. They look alike. I wish this movie wasn’t being made. I hate this.

  8. the rich girls are weeping

    OMG, it’s totally Mr. Tumnus! Cutie!

    Um, someone remind me why a Nirvana movie needs to be made? Other than to make some money off of the back catalog?

    Blegh. I’ll just go re-watch Last Days, which was brilliant without being, you know, achingly heavy-handed, which I can only imagine an “officially sanctioned” Cobain biopic would be.

  9. jetblackturd

    Get the one who plays piano and sings from Hanson to play Kurt. They look alike. I wish this movie wasn’t being made. I hate this.

  10. Faster

    I wonder if Courtney will O.D. to make the film a blockbuster?

  11. Bigggnasty

    he like totally didn’t kill himself and abandon his family or anything, y’all. i mean let’s demonize courtney just a little bity bit more huh? nothing like seeming 13 in your mid 20s…and i’ll stick to the opinion that last days was a trivial, boring waste-kim g and all.

  12. Whigged

    @jetblackturd: He looks as much like Kurt as Forrest Whittaker does. Come on. Long blond hair and blue eyes does not make a doppelganger.

    Try again, but just once next time.

  13. TheMojoPin

    Ewan MacGregor already played Kurt in the last 15 minutes of “Velvet Goldmine.” Hell, his name was even “Kurt.” Dude looked exactly like him.

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